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(As of May 01,2017)

Chief Executive Officer Mitsuru SAITO, President

Higashi-shimbashi 1-9-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8322, Japan Telephone: +81-3-6251-1111

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Formal establishment

October 1, 1937


Paid-in Capital 70,175 million
Financial Results

Financial Data

Employees(Parent) 32,094
Areas of Operations
  1. Rail freight forwarding business
  2. Truck transportation business
  3. Truck freight forwarding business
  4. Marine transportation business
  5. Coastal shipping business
  6. Harbor transportation business
  7. NVOCC marine transportation business
  8. Air freight forwarding business
  9. Transportation businesses and forwarding business other than as listed above
  10. Freight transportation consignment business
  11. Warehousing business
  12. Construction business
  13. Customs-clearance business
  14. Freight collection and settlement business
  15. Air freight forwarding agency business
  16. Non-life insurance agency business
  17. Packing and packaging business
  18. Packaging, labeling and storage business for pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical equipment
  19. Travel agency business
  20. Transportation, construction and installation of heavy goods and any incidental business thereto
  21. Sale, purchase and lease of real estate and any incidental business thereto
  22. Security services business
  23. General worker dispatching business
  24. Waste management business
  25. Specified correspondence delivery service business
  26. Collection and processing of logistics information and any incidental business thereto
  27. Sale of goods and commodities
  28. Any other business related to the above items
  29. Investments in and financing of business listed in the above items
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