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Marine Transport

Visible & Strategic Logistics

Our company offers a wide choice of forwarding menus backed by our years of experience and success in the diverse transportation industry as well as our latest information systems. We supply logistical solutions tailor-made to our shippers’ needs.

Shippers only have to enter their B/L numbers to track their packages.

International Marine Transportation Service

Our company provides a broad range of logistical services. We have made a flow chart of our service for both export and import cargo traffic. Please use this to check how we can best meet your needs for international logistics or if you wish to make an inquiry.

Explanation of general transportation method

Our company offers international multi modal transportation services under the NEX OCEAN-BASIC brand name. Maritime transportation is the backbone of our services. Through NEX OCEAN-BASIC, we handle not only LCL and FCL cargo but also break bulk cargo such as large or heavyweight packages, making full use of our network of domestic branch offices, overseas subsidiaries and affiliated agencies. We also have an information tracing service for tracking the status of shipments within three countries.

Through our information network, we have developed a variety of systems following our information system strategy to enable further interdependence between shippers, customs and shipping lines. In addition, we present sales proposals to customers and employ up to date 3rd party logistical computer technologies.

Support Solutions

We provide a range of services for developing more efficient logistics.

  • Go to the application page for e-Bookings, the data warehouse and the consolidated cargo schedule.

Able to check the schedule of mixed loading to/from Japan

This service supports the obligations of the shipping company and forwarder (NVOCC) in reporting electronically to NACCS center under AFR.