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Information Forwarder

International Transportation Network

We have introduced a high speed digital intranet to integrate our business across Japan,the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania. This has enabled us to establish a global network within the company to send both domestic and international information.We are committed to accelerating freight forwarding by efficiently delivering data on multi modal transportation, foreign relocation and cargo tracing.

Nippon Express Information Forwarder

G-Logic I

In our base system "G-Logic I", we can provide the progress status such as warehouse in/out, customs clearance, and stock status to the customer if we receive invoice, P/O, and other shipping information in EDI from the customer. It also reduces lead-time and contributes to optimize SCM.

International Transportation Network

G-Logic I(Customs System)

For import declaration, we send the data of invoice and packing list which has been used in the export customs declaration directly from the origin to destination. Our system makes it possible to create calculation data automatically which implements the immediate and exact declaration to customs.

Nippon Express Logistic System Concept 1