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Nippon Express and Nippon Cargo Airlines signed EDI agreement

Nippon Express Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Cargo Airlines Co.,Ltd.
06 Sep 2012

Nippon Express (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo: President Kenji Watanabe) and Nippon Cargo Airlines (Headquartered in Narita-shi, Chiba: President Tetsufumi Otsuki) will lead the movement toward paperless air waybills for shipments from Japan. Nippon Express and NCA signed the EDI Agreement* to implement e-AWB, allowing them to replace the paper Air Waybills by the electronic version. This agreement is the necessary first step toward a much larger initiative that will eventually allow forwarders and airlines to operate more efficiently and provide improved transportation solutions to their customers.

In August, consolidated shipments from Narita to Singapore were moved under the e-AWB process as a test to prove the systems and procedures were in place to effectively transport the goods. These tests were successful in showing the advantages from this important industry initiative.

By increasing the volume of e-AWB shipments to more destinations from Japan, and eventually expanding to more origin countries, we will keep increasing productivity, increasing quality of information and improving customer service.

EDI Agreement * = Agreement between the forwarder and airline to cover the "condition of carriage" that is on the back of paper Air Way bills

[Reference] IATA Industry targets for e-AWB

2012: 15% e-AWB where feasible
2013: 70% e-AWB where feasible
2014: 100% e-AWB where feasible