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Nittsu Logistics (India) completes construction of Sri City Logistics Center

March 24, 2017

Nittsu Logistics (India) Private Limited (Masato Asahi, President; hereinafter, "Nittsu Logistics (India)", an Indian subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Kenji Watanabe, President), has at long last completed the Sri City Logistics Center, a multifunctional logistics warehouse, and an opening ceremony for the new facility was held on March 15.


(Scene from opening ceremony)


(Exterior of new warehouse)

The Sri City Logistics Center is located in the Sri City Industrial Zone (State of Andhra Pradesh) about 70km north of Chennai. Chennai is a major logistics hub for the automotive and other industries in South India, and about 40 foreign companies, among them 14 Japanese companies, have set up plants in the nearby Sri City Industrial Zone. Nittsu Logistics (India) has opened this new logistics warehouse to meet demand for warehousing, distribution, packing and other logistics services in the area.

Established in April 2011 as a company specializing in domestic logistics, Nittsu Logistics (India) has been engaged primarily in domestic transport and warehousing/distribution operations to keep pace with rising domestic logistics demand driven by India's economic growth as well as to further strengthen its domestic logistics business to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers. The Sri City Logistics Center is the company's sixth location in India, joining existing facilities in Chennai, Oragadam, Bengaluru, Pune, and Neemrana.

Nittsu Logistics (India) will continue to enhance its domestic transport network in India, to utilize various logistics services available from other Nippon Express Group companies in developing new transport services, and to strengthen its logistics functions to meet the full range of customer needs and further expand the Group's global logistics business.

(Summary of Centre)

Name : Nittsu Logistics (India) Private Limited Sri City Logistics Center
Address : 6600 Central Express Way, Sri City, Mopurupalli Village, Varadiahpalem Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh 517541 India
Lot area : 86,106m2 (26,092 tsubo)
Ordinary warehouse : 17,901m2 (5,425 tsubo)
Eaves (width: 17.5m): 555m2 (168 tsubo)
Office space inside warehouse: 189m2 (57 tsubo)
Office : 852m2 (258 tsubo)
Principal features : Low-floor platforms (with eaves), high-floor platforms, 9 dock levelers

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