Beware spam e-mails sent in Nippon Express' name or a similar name

March 19, 2015

Please beware of spam e-mails sent using our company name or one resembling it. There have been many instances recently of spam e-mails sent in the name of Nippon Express, a Nippon Express service or some other similar name.

The senders of these e-mails appear as "Nippon Express," "Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand)," or a service name such as "Pelican-bin," "Nittsu Home Delivery/Pelican-bin," (the sender's e-mail address may also closely resemble one of our company's e-mail addresses). These spam e-mail messages suggest that the sender is holding a parcel for delivery, but they may in fact contain a link to a dating service website or an attachment designed to infect your computer with a virus.

Such spam e-mail has no connection whatsoever to Nippon Express, so please take care not to reply to such messages, not to open any attachments, and not to access any URLs contained in the message.

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