Nippon Express sets up regional management organization in Thailand to bolster logistics functions

October 11, 2017

Nippon Express (South Asia & Oceania) Mekong Development Center

Nippon Express (South Asia & Oceania) Pte. Ltd. (Yasunori Takahashi, President; hereinafter, "NSAO"), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), opened the NSAO Mekong Development Center in Bangkok, Thailand on October 1 to bolster Nippon Express' logistics functions in South Asia and Oceania, particularly in the Mekong Region (*1).

The diversification of needs as well as market/social changes in South Asia in recent years have made it all the more necessary that the Nippon Express Group as a whole adopt to more comprehensive approach. Taking full advantage of Thailand's status as a core ASEAN member and as a country developing number of industrial clusters, this new Center was opened as a regional management organization to provide multifaceted support for the Nippon Express Group's logistics operations, transport networks, trucking services, new businesses, and IT planning/development/sales functions in the South Asia & Oceania Region.

In establishing this NSAO Mekong Development Center, Nippon Express hopes to enhance the functions of the Nippon Express Group as a whole in the Mekong Region and the wider South Asia & Oceania Region, and to further expand the Group's global logistics services to meet the needs of all customers.

Description of business

Regional sales support, new business development, product/solution development, IT support, work safety education, etc.

Profile of organization

Name of organization NSAO Mekong Development Center
Address 3195/6 1st Floor, 3195/16 11th Floor, Vibulthani Tower 1,Rama 4 Road, Klong Ton, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
(on the premises of Nippon Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)
Telephone +66-(0)2-665-6699
Personnel 15 (of whom 5 have been seconded from Japan)

1 Mekong Region: the area around the Mekong River basin - in particular, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos - expected to continue seeing strong economic growth

Inquiries on this matter should be directed to

Contact Mr. Jin or Mr. Sato
Public Relations & Advertising Division Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
TEL 03-6251-1454


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