Nippon Express USA relocates/expands business location in Laredo, Texas

October 24, 2017

Nippon Express USA, Inc. (Toshiro Uchida, President), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), has relocated and expanded its base in Laredo, Texas, commencing operations from this new location in September 2017.

Positioned near the US-Mexico border, the city of Laredo sits in the NAFTA corridor connecting the US Midwest, home to a flourishing automobile industry, with the Mexican Central Plateau, and is thus a key location for handling trade between the two countries.

The new facility - the Laredo Logistics Center - has a total warehouse/office space nearly double that of the previous location. Combining the functions of a logistics center with those of a truck control center, the facility offers storage near the border of automotive parts/materials produced in the US or overseas and delivery of these parts/materials to Mexican destinations, as well as consignment of automotive parts produced in Mexico for milk-runs arranged by automobile manufacturers in the US.

Features of Laredo Logistics Center

  1. Laredo has a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), allowing for bonded storage of goods near the border and delivery of these goods to either country when orders are received. Goods imported from overseas can be stored in this facility without paying import duties upon arrival in the US, and they can then be transported to Mexico for delivery without any US import duties being imposed.
  2. The facility has been designated a milk-run warehouse by automobile manufacturers, and value-added services such as picking, inspection, sorting, packing, and repacking can be provided at the request of customers. The facility also contains a sorting room designed for special tasks, making it possible to carry out work in an environment protected from outside dust.
  3. A truck control center has been established, enabling transport within the US and Mexico as well as door-to-door cross-border truck transport between the two countries (inclusive of border customs clearance processes). Nippon Express employees handle the complex cross-border transport procedures.

Nippon Express is thus endeavoring to bolster its logistics functions to meet rising demand, especially from the automotive industry, for cross-border logistics between the US and Mexico, and to satisfy the diversifying needs of customers in further expanding its global logistics operations.

Profile of facility

Name Nippon Express USA, Inc., Laredo Logistics Center
Address 9001-B Killam Industrial Blvd, Laredo, TX 78045, USA
Warehouse area 8,660m2
Office area 630m2

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