Nippon Express to Begin Intermodal Through Transport Services between Japan and Europe Using China-Europe Rail Transport

May 15, 2018

Sales of "Eurasia Train Direct (Sea & Rail)" and "Eurasia Train Direct (Air & Rail)" to begin later this month

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), on Monday, May 21, will begin sales of "Eurasia Train Direct (Sea & Rail)", an intermodal through transport service between Japan and Europe that combines sea and rail transport, and "Eurasia Train Direct (Air & Rail)", which combines air transport and rail transport.

Eurasia Train Direct (Sea & Rail) *Route: Japan - Dalian - Duisberg

Description of service

This service combines maritime transport from major ports in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe) to Dalian, China, with rail transport from Dalian to Duisberg, Germany, and offers lead time from Tokyo Port to Duisberg Railway Terminal 28 days in the shortest.

Features of service

  • The lead time is substantially shorter than for conventional "all-water" maritime transport (40 days).
  • Containers vanned at origin can be used all the way to the destination without being re-vanned.
  • Nippon Express offers customers assurance by issuing house waybills that clearly establish its responsibility for transport from origin to destination.

Eurasia Train Direct (Air & Rail) *Route: Japan - Chongqing - Duisberg

Description of service

This service combines air transport from major airports in Japan (Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai) to Chongqing, China, with rail transport from Chongqing to Duisberg, Germany. Customers may choose either container charter (FCL) service or consolidated transport (LCL) service, depending on the volume of cargo. The lead time from Narita Airport to Duisberg Rail Terminal can be 22 days for FCL and 24 days for LCL in the shortest.

Features of service

  • This service offers a "third transport mode" between air and maritime transport that can be used during peak periods or contingencies.
  • This service is available at major airports (Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai)
  • Nippon Express staff will be fully responsible for completing the complicated procedures required at Chongqing, the connection point between air and rail transport

Background to the development of both services

Nippon Express has been developing cross-border rail transport services between China and Europe as a new "third transport mode" between air and maritime transport since November 2015.

With these services being expanded to cover more cities and transport routes since last year, Nippon Express received numerous requests from customers for cargo transport to and from Japan to be appended. Recognizing in addition the need for alternatives in the event of contingencies, Nippon Express developed the two new transport services being introduced this month.

Future plans

Both Eurasia Train Direct (Sea & Rail) and (Air & Rail) will steadily be made available on more routes (using transit points other than Chongqing and Dalian) as customer demand dictates.

Nippon Express will continue to develop new transport products combining a variety of modes in order to meet diversifying logistics needs and to further expand its global logistics business.

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