Nippon Express (China) launches Chongqing Sea & Rail multimodal transport service

March 30, 2018

Lead time shortened substantially vis-à-vis maritime transport alone

Nippon Express (China) Co., Ltd. (Sumitoshi Matsuo, President), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), in February 2018 began sales of a new multimodal transport service utilizing rail and maritime transport between Chongqing and other parts of Asia.

Description of service

This Chongqing Sea & Rail Service combines rail transport from Chongqing to Qinzhou near the Chinese border with Vietnam, with maritime transport from Qinzhou Port to Japan or the major Southeast Asian ports of Singapore, Haiphong, and Laem Chabang. The lead time from Chongqing to Tokyo is about 16 days, and lead time in general will be halved vis-a-vis maritime transport using the Yangtze River. This same route can also be used to transport goods from various parts of Asia to Chongqing.

Reference: Example of transport from Chongqing CY to Tokyo CY (utilizing Nippon Express services)

Background to service development

Container rail transport between Chongqing and Qinzhou was first undertaken in May 2017 and convenience has since improved, with train service increasing from once to twice weekly as of December 2017 and the number of destinations served by container ship from Qinzhou Port expanding.

Conspicuous delays in domestic shipping schedules on the Yangtze River since December 2017 as well as delays arising from repair work on the Sanxia Dam that began last spring, prompted Nippon Express (China) to launch a transport service bypassing domestic shipping on the Yangtze.

Nippon Express will continue developing new transport products combining a variety of modes to meet ever-diversifying logistics needs and to further expand its global logistics business.

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