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Service Information

Nippon Express is expanding its truck transport network across China, pursuing high quality throughout its services, supporting for customers' procurement and sales logistics.

Consolidated transport services in China for shipments from Shanghai to Canton and Northern China. We have achieved great progress in consolidated transport services that previously lacked punctuality, safety, and speed, by linking our local distribution centers (DC) via our uniquely tailored trunk lines for trucks.

Nippon Express's SS7000 comprises an overland truck transport system tying the approximately 7000 kilometers between Shanghai and Singapore, allowing us to help our customers optimize their supply chains.

Location Information

Introducing Nippon Express Group’s East Asia locations

Regional Information

Nippon Express has established 34 locally-incorporated branches in the close-knit economic zone Taiwan and Korea, with China at the core. We are building a logistics network across the whole of China, implementing transport mode diversification and wide-reaching services to meet increasing domestic and regional logistics demands.

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