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Various Domestic Services

Nippon Express's biggest strength is its ability to achieve the optimal logistics through the flexible combination of land, marine and air transport modes.

Employing various transport methods in combination with its superior storage and information systems, Nippon Express meets all our customers' needs.

The high-speed network, offering next-day delivery throughout Japan, contributes to the success of just-in-time (JIT) shipping.

Nippon Express also provides unique products and services, such as logistics specializing in security, ensuring safe transport of confidential information and intellectual property, and proposals for environmentally-conscious transport.

The Nippon Express fleet of eight high-speed vessels connects 11 major domestic ports with regularly scheduled routes, delivering both marine containers and trailer cargo across the country.

In addition, the high-speed vessels serving the Shanghai-Hakata route as well as our coastal shipping services contribute to lowering customer shipping costs while playing a driving force in the promotion of a modal shift toward environmentally-friendly transport.

Nippon Express has developed a resoundingly powerful and highly efficient transport system, networking 1,100 locations throughout Japan.

Myriad customers have used our services over our long history, entrusting us with the transport all things related to daily life—from clothing and food to housing.

We take care of all our customers' logistics need, from proposing to arranging the optimum transport route and method based on item handling, shipping conditions and quantity.

The Nippon Express railway container transport service, covering 146 train stations nationwide, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, commands a clear lead with a 43% share of the industry and is the most traditional and trusted business field within our long corporate history. By linking this network to other transport modes, Nippon Express ensures safe, reliable and smooth door-to-door delivery at low cost.

A warehouse is not simply old storeroom to keep things in. At Nippon Express warehouses, cargo is naturally stored in the optimum conditions to ensure quality maintenance, while other processes, such as inspection, packing, and assembly, are carried out to prepare for the next step in the flow of distribution.

With links to our information system for controlling shipment quantities, timing, and other factors, Nippon express warehouses serve the key role as virtual logistics nerve centers.

The essence of logistics is the timely use of information. The information system is essential to efficient and strategic distribution. For example, companies with branches located nationwide require the development of a system that enables timely ordering by immediately attaining sales figures based on branch and product. We design and create optimum systems, meeting specific customer business and transport requirements.

The Nippon Express is a household name when it comes to moving services. With some 500,000 moves a year, we rank as number one in the industry.

Ecologicompo, re-usable packaging developed by Nippon Express, greatly reduces the amount of waste generated during a move, making our moving plans thoroughly environment-friendly.

Our corporate relocation services accommodate the full range of moves—be it a small-scale office or an entire office building. Our track record speaks for itself, such as relocations for the opening of Narita Airport or moves following reorganizations of government ministries and agencies.

With one-of-a-kind, extremely valuable items, even the tiniest of mistakes are impermissible. Moving such delicate items require finely-tuned transport expertise— knowledgeable staff and highly sensitive transport techniques, such as temperature and humidity controls and anti-vibration air suspension.

Nippon Express has experience moving myriad art objects, including the world-renowned Mona Lisa painting, Toshodai-ji Temple's famed Great Buddha of Nara statue (national treasure), and ancient Egypt's treasure, Tutankhamen's Mummy.

Nippon Express also provides top-calliber security transport services, conveying items of value such as cash, securities, exam questions, and precious metals. Carefully trained guards transport cargo in specialized vehicles bolstered with robust security measures.

Vehicles are equipped with GPS-based mobile monitoring systems and warehouses hosting vaults are located throughout Japan. We also offer cash collection and delivery services for the restaurant industry and mass merchandise outlets.

Nippon Express has developed high security cash settlement machines that provide comprehensive money management, from collection and tallying to transfer of proceeds from sales, as well as the delivery of currency.

Nippon Express transports everything, from railway cars and bridges to wind turbines for wind-power generation. We are licensed as a construction business, enabling us to provide seamless services starting with transport, and extending to installation, erection and construction.

We strive to support all our customers' needs. We are ready to support all types of projects and challenging customer needs with special-purpose vehicles and equipment, such as a transporter with a total carrying capacity of approximately 10,000 tons and large cranes.

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