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Service Information

Introducing the Nippon Express transport network serving ASEAN and South Asian regions.

Nippon Express's SS7000 comprises an overland truck transport system tying the approximately 7000 kilometers between Shanghai and Singapore, allowing us to help our customers optimize their supply chains.

Nippon Express has pooled its knowhow gained through operations in Japan and China to promote a lateral expansion into India, the hub for automotive-related manufacturers from around the world. We offer a milk-run service and JIT logistics, focusing on automotive parts deliveries.

Location Information

Introducing Nippon Express locations throughout South Asia and Oceania.

Introducing functional warehousing, a unique service now being expanded to major cities in South Asia and Oceania.

Regional Information

Nippon Express is developing a logistics service to support the burgeoning ASEAN economic zone, while establishing a logistics system to meet the rising domestic demand in India, the region's largest economic zone.

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