Management Approach

  • Main ESG Issues
    • Strengthening Governance
    • Strengthening Risk Management
    • Improving Quality and Creating New Value
  • Nipppon Express Group's Approaches
    • Strengthen supervisory functions and implement effective operation by leveraging the Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board and Compliance Committee
    • Continue to provide compliance education programs to prevent anti-competitive behavior and bribery
    • Spread and promote the use of Nittsu Speak Up, a whistleblowing system, among employees
    • Use the Nittsu Safety & Health Management System (NSM) to thoroughly inform all staff members of the importance of health and safety
    • Provide affiliates and subcontractors with guidance and education on safety
  • Related SDGs
Management Indicators

Target: Attendance at compliance education courses: 100%
Result: FY2020: 97.6%

Target: Compliance Manager Conferences in all Group regions in Japan
Result: FY2020: Held in all regions (97 participants)

Target: Achieve annual quantitative targets of the Safety & Health Management Policy

Specific Topics

  • Promote fair business practices
  • Implement robust anticorruption measures
  • Ensure occupational and social safety
  • Maintain Social Safety Involving Logistics
  • Encourage global quality to meet expectations from customers and society
  • Enhance corporate governance
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Risk management
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