Management Approach

  • Main ESG Issues
    • Building a Sustainable and Resilient Logistics Infrastructure
    • Respecting Human Rights in the Supply Chain
    • Job Creation
    • Improving Employee Engagement
    • Pursuing Business Digitalization and DX
  • Nipppon Express Group's Approaches
    • Use the Nittsu Safety & Health Management System (NSM) to thoroughly raise staff members’ awareness of safety and health
    • Provide guidance and education on health
    • Encourage respect for human rights in our procurement practices
    • Promote human resources management to achieve employee success and growth
    • Promote value creation for customers and society and solutions to social issues through innovation
    • Resolve community-based issues and contribute to social development
  • Related SDGs
Management Indicators

Target: Percentage of staff members scheduled to assume managerial-level roles who undergo trainingon human rights: 100%
Result: Percentage of staff members scheduled to assume managerial-level roles who underwent the training in FY2020:100%

Specific Topics

  • Ensure robust respect for human rights in the supply chains
  • Secure occupational health
  • Create satisfaction in the workplace 
  • Train human resources who can work globally
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Promote workstyle innovation
  • Strengthen global partnerships
  • Contribute to sustainable and tough infrastructure development
  • Contribute to society through our business operations
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