Activities Spanning Three Centuries

Nippon Express Company, Ltd., was established in 1937 in line with the Nippon Tsu-un Kaisha Law as a semi-government transportation enterprise.

Nippon Express History

The Company was created by pooling the assets of Kokusai Tsu-un KK (International Express Co., Ltd.), which consolidated many of the nation's small-scale rail transport companies, and six other competitors, with additional funding from the Japanese government. As World War II progressed, the need for a centralized approach to transport deepened throughout Japan, and the government combined the transportation companies operating in all of the nation's major cities into what would later become Nippon Express. In 1950, under the Express Business Act and the Commercial Law Act, the company was relaunched as a private concern. Since that time, Nippon Express has expanded and developed its business in tandem with the Japanese economy as a whole.

1872 Nippon Express's predecessor company Riku-un Moto Kaisha established
1875 Company name changed to Naikoku Tsu-un Kaisha
1928 Company name changed to Kokusai Tsu-un Kabushikl Galsha
1937 Nippon Express Company,Ltd., established by pooling the assets of Kokusai Tsu-un and six other companies.
1941 - 1945 Consolidation of all major Japanese transportation companies into Nippon Express and start of modern-day operations
1950 Listed on stock exchange and reestablished as a private company
1951 Test transport of containers conducted in Nippon Express style Fine artwork business began
1955 Travel services and domestic air-freight forwarding began
1957 lnternational air-freight forwarding began
1958 New York Representative Office opened Transport History Archives(currentlyMuseum of LogiStics) opened
1959 Transport using 300-ton trailers began
1961 Nippon Express Scholarship Society established
1962 Nippon Express USA,lnc. established
1964 Sea transport between Tokyo and Muroran begun.
Performed services for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The "Venus de Milo" transported.
1965 Security Transport Business Division established
Nittsu Gakuen and the University of Transportation Economics opened
1970 Performed services for the International Exposition in Osaka
1972 Performed services for the Winter Olympics in Sapporo.
1973 Nippon Express (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., established
1974 The "Mona Lisa" transported
1977 Nippon Express (Nederland) established
1978 Relocation work performed for Narita Airport.
1981 Nippon Express (U.K) Ltd., and Nippon Express (Deutschland) GmbH established
1985 Performed services for the Tsukuba Expo.
1989 Nippon Express's, own two-ton rail containers introduced Tanshin Pack small volume moving service launched
1990 Performed services for the lnternational Flower and Greenery Exposition in Osaka
1991 Relocation work performed for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Super Pelican service launched
1992 Global network expanded to more than 200 operational bases
1993 Recyclable moving/packing materials developed
1994 Shanghai Express lnternational Co,Ltd.,established
1997 Recycle transportation business established
1998 Museum or Logistics opened
2001 The number of maritime employees reached 10,000.
2002 Transportation related to the Soccer World Cup performed.
Number of low-pollution vehicles introduced 1,000.
2003 The head office functions relocated to the new building for the headquarters built in the Shiodome area.
"Ecology Konpo"home removal product launched Inaugural Nittsu Group Nationwide Contest for Drivers and Forklift Operators Compliance Department established
2004 Digital tachograph installed in sales vehicles Group-wide
2005 Performed services for the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan
2006 Nippon Express (St.Petersburg) LLC established "Ecology Konpo" is awarded the "Minister's Prize. the Ministry of Land, lnfrastructure, Transport and Tourism" at the Eco Products Awards
2007 Domestic moving products renewed Acquired a transportation business in India, absorbing it as a subsidiary named Nippon Express (India)
2008 Nippon Express marked the 50th anniversary of its founding Awarded both the Logistics Environment Award and the Logistics Enlightenment Awareness Enlightenment Award
2009 Refurbished vehicle paint design.
The "statue of Ashura,"a national treasure of Kofuku Temple,transported
2010 NEX-TEC Shibaura. Nittsu Group Human Resource Development Center started operation Courier business transferred to Japan Post Service Co.,Ltd.
2012 NIPPON EXPRESS (SOUTH ASIA & OCEANIA) PTE. LTD. established in Singapore.
2013 Franco Vago S p.A., an Italian logistics company, acquired.
Nittsu NEC Logistics,Ltd. established.
NIPPON EXPRESS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. Cambodia established.
2014 Foreign bases exceeded 500 points. Nittsu Panasonic Logistics Co., Ltd. established.
2015 Foreign employees exceeded 20,000.
Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd. acquired.
2016 NEX GLOBAL ENGINEERING PTE. LTD. established in Singapore.
2017 Tokyo C-NEX opened. The World Baseball Classic co-sponsored
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