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Shopify Fulfillment Services

Why choose a Shopify fulfillment service with an app in the Shopify App Store?
What are the steps to outsource fulfillment?
Why choose DCX over others?

Shopify Fulfillment services

1. What is Shopify Fulfillment?

What is a Fulfillment Service for Shopify?

Shopify Fulfillment is the process of receiving, processing, and shipping customer orders for your Shopify store. This process involves many steps, such as receiving the order, picking and packing the goods, and providing shipping information to the customer. Shopify fulfillment can also include processing returns, exchanges, and customer service related to orders.

These processes are a critical part of the customer experience. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy in Shopify fulfillment typically means more satisfied customers, more repeat business, and better reviews. On the flip side, Shopify fulfillment with slow or misdelivered shipments, or poor overall management, can lead to more unhappy customers, more negative reviews, and lost sales.

Order fulfillment can be managed in-house by the business itself, or it can be outsourced to a Shopify fulfillment service provider.

How to choose a Shopify Fulfillment service

2. How to Choose a Fulfillment Service?

How to Choose a Fulfillment Service?

There are roughly 2 types of Shopify fulfillment services available on the market.

Shopify fulfillment service with an app in the Shopify Apps Store. Data is automatically synced in this case.

Shopify fulfillment service without an app in the Shopify Apps Store. Manual data input and output is required to exchange data between the Shopify store and the warehouse.

You should choose a Shopify fulfillment service with an app in the Shopify Apps Store that integrates with Shopify. Otherwise you will have to manually enter orders or send CSV files every day.

Beside that, you have to check their willingness to communicate. Sending all your inventory to a third party isn't comfortable if the communication isn't smooth. You want to make sure that you can contact your warehouse when something is urgent. Pay attention to how they communicate and look for negative comments online that focus specifically on their communication quality.

Not to forget about locations and networks. Most customers expect to receive their packages within a few days. Make sure the fulfillment service you choose has locations close enough to most of your customers to ensure they can receive packages within that time frame.

If a fulfillment provider has a larger warehouse & logistics network, it usually means you have more options to choose from, which usually means you have more chances to find a better warehouse. It also means how responsive they can be as your business grows. For example, at NX Group, since we have more than 700 branches worldwide, the sky is the limit when you work with us.

How to outsource Shopify Fulfillment

3. Steps to Use Fulfillment Services

How to outsource Shopify Fulfillment Services. You should choose a Shopify fulfillment service with an app in the Shopify Apps Store.

After deciding which fulfillment service provider you want to use, there are usually 3 steps to start the fulfillment.

Send your inventory to the fulfillment service provider & share product masters

Have the warehouse staff verify the quantity and share the inventory quantity with your Shopify store

Start selling. Send a signal to the warehouse to ship the order

*If your Shopify fulfillment provider is not integrated with Shopify, you will need to manually share data between your Shopify store and the warehouse. Make sure the fulfillment provider you choose supports Shopify integration.

DCX Fulfillment is the best fulfillment your Shopify store

4. Why Choose DCX?

Why Choose DCX Fulfillment as Your Shopify Fulfillment Service

There are many Shopify fulfillment providers on the market. Among them, DCX is one of the best solutions for Shopify store owners looking to significantly grow their business for the following reasons.

DCX has a large fulfillment network for your Shopify fulfillment.
DCX is owned and operated by NX Group, one of the largest logistics companies in the world. With hundreds of warehouses and experienced staff around the world, we can provide your Shopify store with high-quality Shopify fulfillment services.
*DCX Fulfillment services vary by country, region, volume, item category, timing, etc. Please contact us for details.

DCX has an app in the Shopify Apps Store.
An app in the Shopify App Store is something important for Shopify fulfillment. DCX is an app that enables real-time data updates between your Shopify store and NX Group's warehouses.
This means that DCX has smooth data integration with Shopify via API integration and an automated fulfillment mechanism that saves you time and effort.

We own more than 1,000 warehouses and have developed our own WMS system (DCX WMS).
Through continuous Kaizen (improvement) activities in warehouse operations, we are able to provide logistics services that are different from other fulfillment services.
In addition, DCXs continue to evolve, adding new features, improving the user experience, and reducing application response times. By combining our physical logistics services with our ever-evolving WMS, we can continue to provide superior service as your business grows.

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