WMS and Fulfilment Service for Shopify by Nippon Express

Which DCX is good for you?

As a logistics company, we offer a full range of fulfillment services.
One of these services is the DCX, which is designed to meet the specific needs of Shopify owners.
Feel free to explore these options further and choose the one that best fits your operational preferences.
We have DCX WMS(Basic, Standard, or Premium Plan), and DCX Fulfillment

Nippon Express supports the logistics operations of companies running Shopify stores. We use a logistics web application, DCX, which integrates with Shopify via API to make the process smooth and easy.

There are two types of "DCX":

"DCX WMS", a cloud-based WMS where customers manage their own warehouse

"DCX Fulfillment", an e-commerce fulfillment service provided by Nippon Express.

Let's look at how DCX can help you grow your Shopify business at different stages.

Phase 1: Starting Phase

Stage: When orders started to increase in your Shopify store

Potential Issues: In-house inventory management has become complicated. (but not to the point where outsourcing fulfillment is necessary)

Excel and other tools were used to manage internal inventory. However, as the number of shipments increased, so did the risk of errors.

The current warehouse management system is not connected to Shopify. So, there are a lot of manual processes like importing and exporting CSVs etc.

Since the volume of goods to be handled is not that large, it is not possible to have cost effectiveness through outsourcing of logistics operations.

We recommend the DCX WMS with a Standard Plan for customers in this situation.

DCX WMS Standard Plan as WMS for Shopify

Solution: Cloud-based WMS "DCX WMS” Standard Plan

No costly up-front investments required. It's a pay-as-you-go system based on base fee & shipping volume.

You can install it right from the Shopify App Store. So, you can get started right away.

There's no need to manually import or export CSV files, etc., because both inventory and order data are linked between the WMS and Shopify.

To use the "DCX WMS Standard Plan", you only have to pay a very low monthly fee. However, you'll be able to increase your warehouse productivity.

In addition, DCX WMS can perform at least the following tasks:

Manage replenishment points

Customize delivery notes/packing slips at no extra charge

Apply First In First Out (FIFO) rules when allocating inventory for shipping

Phase 2: Growing Phase

Stage: The number of items and orders in your Shopify store is growing. Managing your own logistics has become a challenge.

Potential issues: Employees are unable to properly manage inventory because they are too busy with shipping and receiving

As the volume of shipments increases, the company's warehouse capacity and staff are unable to keep pace.

Seasonal order fluctuations occur and there is a need to increase warehouse capacity and staffing with a short lead time.

There is a need to improve the quality of the logistics flow, but you do not know where to look for a suitable logistics company.

If the workload exceeds the capacity of your in-house warehouse, we recommend that you try our “DCX Fulfillment", an outsourced inventory management and shipping fulfillment service from Nippon Express.

DCX Fulfillment to oursource Shopify fulfillment to NX Group

Solution: "DCX Fulfillment" to manage your Shopify’s warehouse and fulfillment

Low initial cost of starting a new warehouse. You can use Nippon Express logistics centers and staff.

The warehouse is always staffed, which makes communicating and dealing with the unexpected easier.

Access the DCX Dashboard anytime, anywhere for real-time updates on the progress of your work.

Nippon Express has logistics systems in about 175 countries worldwide, as well as many employees and warehouses. We have been in the e-commerce fulfillment business for decades. Therefore, we can effectively handle business expansion as well as supply chain and warehouse optimization.

So, if you are having trouble finding a logistics company that is right for you, please contact us.

Phase 3: Expanding Phase

Stage: Grow your Shopify business to bigger things, like opening a physical store or expanding internationally.

Potential issues: Sales are growing steadily, but logistics are starting to get challenging.

As the number of items shipped increases, the quality of the logistics provided by the existing fulfillment company decreases.

In addition to the online store, the company wants to sell products in brick-and-mortar stores, but its inventory management and system are a challenge.

Aim to expand worldwide.

If you have challenging logistics issues such as those listed above, we recommend that you utilize Nippon Express' "DCX Fulfillment" service. Our domestic and international networks will help you solve your problems.

DCX Fulfillment with global logistics fulfillment network by Nippon Express

Solution: "DCX Fulfillment” with global logistics network

Use DCX as your central warehouse management system for both physical and online stores.

Utilize NX Group's bases and distribution network at home and abroad to improve product delivery by utilizing optimal bases and various means of transportation.

By utilizing our overseas bases, overseas or import and export operations can be carried out smoothly.

The NX Group, of which Nippon Express is a member, is a provider of logistics services to customers worldwide.

We offer a variety of land, sea, and air transportation options (using trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes) to ensure that your packages are handled in the most efficient manner.

We also work with import and export operations and support the business development of our overseas subsidiaries.

So, when you work with us, you get an optimized solution for your entire supply chain, even as your business grows significantly.

About DCX

The DCX app can be downloaded from the Shopify App store.

We have a 5-day free trial period for the basic plan. Try it now!

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If you are looking to outsource your Shopify fulfillment, our staff may be able to provide you with a consultation. Please check the following page and contact us for more details.

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