Best Shopify Fulfilment Service - DCX Fulfillment

Key features of the DCX Fulfillment for Shopify

DCX Fulfillment does not just enable API integration with Shopify, but also provides unique features
based on Nippon Express’ support experience with various businesses since the dawn of eCommerce.

Shopify Fulfillment Set Up
by Nippon Express is Easy with DCX

Once our designated company warehouse receives products and the warehousing procedure is complete,
Shopify order integration-based shipping process can begin.


Download the app from the Shopify store


Send your consignment stock to our designated warehouse


Inventory will be verified and synced with Shopify


Shopify order receival and shipping will start

Connect Your Physical Store and Shopify Online Store
for a Better Inventory Management

We have heard problems such as "stock was available in the store,
but the inventory for the online stores was out of stock, causing a loss of sales"
from those who manage both physical stores and online shopping websites at the same time.
Customers also struggle with inefficient inventory management
due to differences between in-store and online stores inventory management units.

Our WMS has the ability to integrate both physical stores and online stores for ease of management.
DCX can not only reduce inventory costs by optimizing and preventing out-of-stocks in online stores,
but it can also work to improve user brand engagement.

3PL Shopify fulfillment integration Shopify warehousing integration with physical stores to prevent out-of-stocks

Find Peace of Mind with Operational Quality and
Business Expansion With Shopify and DCX

"I am worried about the quality of work as well as data linkage..."
"Uncertain about securing warehouse space and work support when business expands..."

For such issues of our customers, Nippon Express, which has a global network of 731 locations and has supported many logistics businesses for many years, will carry out high-quality, leveled and speedy operation work based on the accumulated know-how and experience.

Best fulfillment services for Shopify by Nippon Express, is a Japan-based logistics company with more than 80 years of experience.

Nippon Express is a Japan-based logistics company with more than 80 years of experience.

We are one of the top five global logistics companies in the world.

Nippon Express' logistics service ranks among the top five in the world.

Global logistics and fulfillment network for over 731 locations.

Our global network comprises over 731 locations.

Countries where our DCX Shopify
3PL Fulfillment Services Available

Having provided logistics services in 49 countries/regions around the world,
the NX Group can fulfill your orders in a wide area using DCX.

3PL Shopify integration pick and pack warehouses Shopify 3PL partners international fulfillment centers

Available countries and areas vary depending on the product, distribution conditions and introduction time.
Please contact us for details.

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DCX Shopify App Basic Functions

Once you sign a contract with Nippon Express, you can install and use DCX on your Shopify store.
With that app, the staff at the Nippon Express warehouse can update the status of the work instantly.
The information is always shared with your Shopify store.
You can always monitor the progress on your computer or smartphone using this app too.

Arrival schedule import

Allows import of the product data that is scheduled to arrive in a CSV file

Arrival schedule list

Allows confirmation of the contents and other details of the imported arrival schedule data

Arrival schedule confirmation

Updates the Shopify inventory data upon completion of shelving, which is based on the arrival schedule data

Arrival registration

Allows registration of new arrivals upon completion of shelving

Return registration

Allows registration of returned items in the holding area

Arrival/return list

Allows view of the registration list of arrivals/returns and updates the Shopify data during the confirmation process

Arrival/return record output

Allows export of the list of arrival and return data in CSV format

Shipping list

Lists shipping orders received from Shopify

Inventory allocation

Automatically allocate orders and inventory based on the set rules

Order picking

Products to be shipped are picked from the shelf for each order

Shipping inspection

Cross checks the items picked off the shelf with the order

Packing slip printing

Allows prints of packing slips for each shipment

Shipping label printing

Allows printing of shipping label for each courier (by automatic linkage to other applications)

Shipping results output

Allows output of shipping results in CSV format

Inventory inquiry

Allows inquiry about inventory details by product or shelf

Expiration date management

Allows management of inventory by expiration date

Low inventory alert

Displays an alert when inventory falls below the set number for each item

Inventory movement

Allows the change in location of the storage shelf for each product

Bulk location adjustment

Allows the move of multiple products in a shelf to another shelf at once

Inventory adjustment

Allows the adjustment of inventory quantities and integrates the results with Shopify

Inventory results output

Allows export of inventory transaction history in CSV format


Allows process of verifying the quantity and quality of the inventory

Location master

Allows management of shelf (location) IDs

Product master

Allows management/addition of product information for warehousing, such as expiration date, product size, quantity for replenishment alert, etc.

Carton master

Allows management of the carton type and packing size

Packing slip form settings

Allows easily customization of the font size and display contents of the packing slip

Multiple locations management

Allows management of inventory across multiple locations

Localization Settings

Allows switching between languages (Japanese and English) to display the date and unit in the format for the selected language


Allows check of performance trends and work progress in real time

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Q1. What is DCX Fulfillment?

DCX Fulfillment is for customers who want to outsource their logistics operations to Nippon Express. We will handle the logistics fulfillment part of your Shopify store, while you can monitor the progress and inventory at your fingertips.

Q2. What will Nippon Express do with DCX App?

Nippon Express provides the best quality 3pl fulfillment for your Shopify store. We will receive your products, store them in our warehouse. Once we receive order data from your Shopify store in the DCX, we will pick and pack the items, and ship the parcel to your customers.

Q3. Do I have to use your app to make the shipping orders etc? What can we do with the DCX App?

The shipping info is sent automatically from Shopify to DCX, and we will post things out accordingly. There is no need for you to do anything with the DCX app. But, you can check the inventory level, the shipment process etc, in the DCX's dashboard.

Q4. There are other WMS that can integrate with Shopify too, what makes you different?

DCX includes not only the functions of a warehouse management system, but also operational work by the NX Group, which has years of experience. We can flexibly respond to storage area expansions due to business growth, or multiple storage management etc. We promise to provide world class logistic solutions.

Q5. What are the steps to use DCX 3pl fulfillment services?

After signing a 3pl agreement with us, the DCX app will be ready for use in the following three steps.

Once you have completed these settings, you can send your inventory to our warehouse and we will begin shipping as soon as it is ready.

Q6. Is DCX Fulfillment service for Shopify available in my country?

Currently, our warehouses in Japan, US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia are able to handle your cargo (depending on the items, quantity, and desired operation period). Please contact us if you want to try our Shopify fulfillment 3pl services in other countries as well.

Q7. Does DCX integrate only with Shopify's API?

Yes. DCX only connect to Shopify's API. Products and orders not managed in Shopify can be imported separately as CSV files.

Q8. Do I need to upload my Shopify order information and product master to DCX as a CSV file, etc.?

CSV files are not needed for shipping order. DCX integrates with Shopify’s API via the internet connection. Data such as incoming orders, inventory information, and product masters etc are automatically linked within DCX and Shopify. There is no need to import data manually.

Q9. Is it possible to customize DCX?

No. Because DCX is a cloud platform, we cannot implement individual customization for each customer. However, for packing slip, you can insert your logo, change the font size, add images, text, etc.

Q10. Do you own the warehouses for your the Shopify fulfillment service?

Yes. For DCX Fulfillment, we (NX Group) owns and operates all of our warehouses. We do not outsource any of the work in our warehouses. NX Group hires and staff our warehouses with our employees.

Q11. Does DCX support multiple warehouses/locations for Shopify?

Yes. If you can set up multiple locations in your Shopify store, then all the locations’ info will be sent to DCX. You can even customize the inventory management unit. Example, we can manage stock by carton in Warehouse A for your local physical store but manage stock by item in Warehouse B for your Shopify store. You can access the warehouse management system and monitor all the progress from the same dashboard, even if you have multiple warehouses with us.

Q12. There are other “Global” Shopify fulfillment centers available in the market. What makes you different?

Among all Shopify fulfillment services in the market, we owned the most fulfillment centers in the industry. We, NX Group, have warehouses/distribution centers based in more than 45 countries.

Q13. Is DCX Fulfillment service good for my business?

DCX Fulfillment service is the right fit for you if you receive at least 500 orders per month.

Q14. How long does it take to start DCX Fulfillment services for my Shopify store?

We can start fulfilling your Shopify orders as soon as 2 weeks to 1 month after signing the contract.
STEP 1: We will propose the best warehouse options according to your request.
STEP 2: We sign the contract for the Shopify fulfillment outsourcing service.
STEP 3: You ship the inventory to our warehouse.
STEP 4: We inspect and count the inventory. The inventory is automatically linked to your Shopify store, so you can start selling as soon as we register your inventory.

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