Best WMS for Shopify - DCX WMS

View Shopify Inventory History, Generate Picking List and Multi Locations Management with DCX WMS

DCX WMS allows you to accurately manage inventory in-house,
even if the number of products increases as your Shopify store grows,
resulting in fast order fulfillment according to rules such as FIFO (First-In First-Out).

DCX can also be downloaded from the Shopify App Store for immediate use.
Depending on your shipping volume, we have three different plans to fit your business.

Plans and Pricing for DCX WMS

After downloading DCX from the Shopify App Store,
you can choose a Basic, Standard, or Premium plan,
depending on your shipping volume and the type of features you want.

A 5-day trial is available for the Basic plan.
This allows you to test the features before you subscribe.
Plans can be easily upgraded to a higher level at any time as your business grows.

Basic Plan



Good for small businesses. Includes basic WMS functions for receiving / inventory management / shipping while connecting to the Shopify store via API.

Standard Plan



Good for small to medium sized stores. Includes customized picking list and packing slips, inventory quantity alerts for replenishment purposes, etc.

Premium Plan



Good for medium-sized stores. Allows for the output of performance data at any time, as well as the management of items that require expiration dates.

Shopify Integration & Inventory Management Features by Plan

DCX WMS provides basic functions for simple in-house inventory management and logistics fulfillment.
Features such as inventory replenishment alerts and the ability to customize document layout, etc. are also available.
We provide a complete solution without the need to install multiple similar applications.

When your business continues to grow and the time comes to outsource order fulfillment to us with DCX Fulfillment,
we can seamlessly take over the data from your existing DCX WMS.

Main Functions DCX WMS
Basic Plan
Standard Plan
Premium Plan
DCX Fulfillment
(for reference)
Arrival / Inventory Management / Delivery
Arrival Registration
Return Registration
Picking List Printing
Inspection - - -
Delivery Note Printing
Shopping Label Printing -
Stock List / Adjust
Stock Movement History
Stocktake - - -
Progress Monitor / Dashboard
Export Data - -
Shopify Integration
Product Master Auto-Sync
Arrival Data Auto-Sync
Shipping Order Auto-Capture
Inventory Auto-Sync
Multi-location Management
Latest API Auto-Update
Master / Maintenance
Bin Code Master
Carton Master
Picking List Layout Settings -
Delivery Note Layout Settings -
User Master - 3 users 5 users Unlimited
Stock Low Quantity Alert -
Expiration Date Management - -
Putaway & Allocation Rules - -
Inventory Management Functions for Physical Stores
Inventory Management Unit (Piece or Ball) - - -
Custom Location - - -
Custom Product Master - - -
Manual Shipping Order - - -
Shipping Label Printing - - -
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Q1. What is DCX WMS?

It is a SaaS logistics web application developed by Nippon Express that is able to connect to your Shopify store and sync data in real time. It is equipped with some basic functions as a WMS and can be used if you want to accurately manage multiple products in-house.

Q2. What are the features of DCX WMS?

There are three plans to choose from, depending on your business size and budget. Subject to your plan, you can also manage expiration dates, easily customize packing slips for inclusion in cartons, and receive alerts for inventory replenishment points. DCX alone can handle these tasks without the need to install other applications separately. And because it is SaaS, DCX automatically updates itself without you having to check for Shopify's API updates.

Q3. I would like to install DCX WMS, whom should I contact?

You can download it from the Shopify App Store and start using it immediately. The fee is settled through the Shopify payment process, so there is no need to make a separate payment to us.
*Visit Shopify App Store here ⇒  View DCX on Shopify

Q4. Can I test DCX WMS for free?

Yes. We offer a 5-day free trial for the Basic plan only, so please take advantage of it. At the end of the free trial period, you will be automatically upgraded to a paid plan with the same account. Please be assured that your data from the free trial will be transferred to the paid plan.

Q5. Is it possible to manage expiration dates?

Yes, you can. If you need expiration date management, please join the Premium plan.

Q6. Can I manage multiple locations?

Yes, you can. Your Shopify locations are synced, so you can track inventory at each location.

Q7. Can I use DCX in English?

Yes, you can. DCX is currently available in English and Japanese.

Q8. Which DCX WMS plan should I choose?

The most recommended plan is the Standard plan, which allows you to view inventory replenishment alerts and change the document layout. If you want to get an overview of our WMS, you can also try the Basic plan for a 5-day free trial. For stores with a higher volume of shipments or stores that handle items with expiration dates and require detailed management, we recommend the Premium plan, which allows you to export data and manage expiration dates.

Q9. Is there a maximum number of fulfillments that I can do per month?

There is no maximum number of fulfillments. However, as the number of fulfillments increases, the higher plan may be more profitable for your business.

Q10. Is there a maximum number of products I can register?


Q11. Can I transfer data from DCX WMS to DCX Fulfillment?

Yes, it is possible to inherit your data in DCX WMS like account information and inventory history etc. to DCX Fulfillment. We will analyze and propose the warehouse that offers the best shipping speed and cost advantages for your business. Please kindly contact us for further information.

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