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Our innovative procurement and sales logistics services provide seamless logistics support for all of our customers' business affairs as a distribution infrastructure. We also actively support start-up companies.

A Wide Range of Services for the Electronics and Telecommunication Industries

Optimal Logistic Support with the Centralized Management of Complex Supply Chains

Using logistics solutions that include all clerical tasks involved in ordering and procurement, we provide one-stop support for complex sales and distribution supply chains, from procurement, distribution and component purchasing that transcends national borders through to user delivery.

One-Stop Service for the Transportation of Precision Instruments and Telecommunication Equipment

When delivering precision instruments and telecommunication equipment, there are many cases in which the specifications of each item differ and in which certain items are the result of one-off production. This means that the procedures required for issuing requests to suppliers capable of handling the work must frequently be carried out, and delayed deliveries and a lack of communication may lead to unexpected risks. Nippon Express is able to provide integrated services that cover everything from transportation and storage through to packaging, which eradicates the chance of these risks arising.

Transportation, Including Kitting and Setup, Expanded Throughout the World

In addition to kitting for personal computers and other such equipment, which used to be arranged by customers themselves, we are able to provide value-added services within Japan that cover all aspects of this work, including setup at the place of delivery. We are now expanding these services in Asia and other parts of the world.

Supporting Customer Requirements with Nationwide and Worldwide Networks

We provide ideal logistics solutions through a combination of our international network straddling branches located in cities, nations, and our ground freight, ocean freight and air freight services to optimize customer supply chains (2,400 branches in Japan).

Our Electric & Telecommunication Services includes

  • The largest scale of service network in the industry- Multi-tenant warehouses and distribution facilities
  • Collaborative transportation
  • Nationwide LMD (Last Mile Delivery) service network
  • Kitting, setup and rework services for PCs, mobile communications equipment and other electric and telecommunication devices
  • Reverse logistics service
  • IT support provided by our in-house IT department


  • Multi-lingual support
  • Logistics consultations available at our own institute
  • Finance and procurement services available
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