Semiconductor logistics solutions to optimize your supply chain

With high-quality services from delivery of capital equipment and other heavy items to procurement,
production and logistics operations near your factory, followed by delivery of finished products to your customers,
we're a one-stop global delivery and storage provider. We have the global experience to optimize your semiconductor supply chain.

Logistical issues faced by the semiconductor industry

  • Transportation quality
    • Cargo damage
    • Vibration/impact during transportation
    • Misdelivery
    • Temperature control issues
  • Companies' level of experience
    • Delivery date management for capital equipment
    • Management of spare parts
    • Insufficient expertise
  • Supply chain efficiency
    • Inventory management
    • Logistics inside the factories
    • Building global logistics networks
    • Setting up emergency delivery systems

Nippon Express can solve these issues throughout your semiconductor supply chain.

One of the industry's most extensive track records in the delivery of capital equipment.

We have delivered a huge number of capital equipment over the years.
Our extensive track record encompasses deliveries by air, sea and truck on a global scale.
We also offer management services for capital equipment and spare parts,
using WMS to ensure meticulous LOT management and FIFO. If you have multiple sites,
we can provide centralized management.

Delivery and storage of semiconductor products, wafers, parts and more

With a global network spanning regions such as Asia, the Americas and Europe ,
we can transport and store your semiconductor items—finished products,
semi-finished products and parts such as wafers—all over the world.
We set up warehouses near semiconductor manufacturers' factories and provide end-to-end logistics solutions for their supply chains.

High-quality logistics services

We offer so much more than transportation and storage services. We can set up logistics systems tailored to your needs, including high-quality logistics operations within your warehouse (including sorting, inspection and packaging of semiconductor products) and cross-dock operations for customers who procure semiconductor products from overseas and deliver them to multiple sites.

Key services

  • Delivery of capital equipment
  • Delivery of heavy freight
  • Delivery and storage of wafers
  • Delivery and storage of semiconductor parts
  • Delivery and storage of spare parts
  • End-to-end management
  • Sorting, inspection and packaging
  • Cross-dock operations
  • Logistics inside the factories
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