Implementation of Measures

1.Measures to Revitalize Shareholders' Meetings and Facilitate Voting

Early Notification of General Meetings of Shareholders Notices of General Meetings of Shareholders are sent out 21 days prior to the meetings. And we also announce these notices electronically through TDnet and our company’s websites before sending these notices to shareholders 4 weeks before annual shareholder meetings.
Electronic Voting Facilities Our company has adopted an online voting system that enables investors to exercise their voting rights via the Internet, smartphone or cellular phone.
Measures Including Platform for Electronic Exercising of Voting Rights to Improve Voting by Institutional Investors Our company has introduced an Electronic Voting Platform called the Tosho Platform for institutional investors to vote electronically.
Provision of an English summary of the Convocation Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders In the interest of creating an active shareholders' meeting and to facilitate voting, an English version of the convocation notice will be made available.
Others Both the English and Japanese versions will be posted on our company's web site.

2.IR Activities【Updated】

  Note Explanation in Person by Representative
Establishment and Announcement of Disclosure Policy Respecting the principles of the "Fair Disclosure Rules" set forth in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, our company has established and posted the disclosure policy on its website for the purpose of enriching communication, and maintaining and improving relationships of mutual trust, through timely and appropriate disclosure of fair and highly transparent information, as well as through dialogue with stakeholders including shareholders and investors.
Regular Meeting for Private Investors Our company participates in meetings held by securities firms and reports our business operations and achievements to private investors.
(Actual results: 7 meetings held between April 2019 and March 2020)
Regular IR Meetings for Financial Analysts and Institutional Investors
  • Our company holds Results Meetings twice a year on the day of releasing the full-year and interim business results, and President and Representative Director explains the contents thereat and answers questions.
    (Actual results: October 31, 2019 for the interim results and the meeting for the full-year results was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but instead, we provided written explanations and responded to inquiries by email etc.)
  • At the time of releasing the business results for the first and third quarters, the staff in charge of IR explains the contents of the business results and answers questions in a teleconference.
    (Actual results: July 31, 2019 for the first quarter results and January 31, 2020 for the third quarter results)
  • The contents of and main questions and answers at the above quarterly Results Meetings are posted on our website.
  • A small meeting between analysts/institutional investors and our representative director was held on November 26 & 27, 2019.
  • IR Meetings between analysts/institutional investors and three Executive Vice Presidents, COO and Representative Directors were held on June 11, 2019 .
Regular IR Meetings for Overseas Investors
  • The President and Representative Director visits institutional investors in North America and Europe on a regular basis (once a year).
    (Actual results: North America from May 29 to June 3; and Europe from July 1 to 5, 2019)
  • The Director in charge of IR visits institutional investors in Europe and Asia on a regular basis (once a year).
    (Actual results: Europe from November 18 to 22, 2019 and Asia from February 17 to 21, 2020)
  • The Director in charge of IR takes part in conferences sponsored by securities companies, whether in Japan or overseas, and conducts interviews with overseas investors on a regular basis.
Posting of IR Materials on Nippon Express Website Annual Report, Fact Book, Earnings Report, Earnings Presentation Materials, Main Questions and Answers at Earnings Presentations, Securities Report, Management Plan, Reports, IR Calendar, CSR Report, and Monthly Report are posted on our company's website.

Our company also has a website for private investors which exhibits shareholder returns, our business development, our strengths and goals:

Person or Division in Charge of IR The Investor Relations Promotion Group has been established within the Corporate Planning Division and the Director in charge of the Corporate Planning Division manages IR activities. -

3.Initiatives Relating to Respect for Shareholders' Positions【Updated】

Internal Guidelines for Respecting Shareholders' Positions Our entire company group has incorporated “contributing to society through logistics” into our corporate philosophy. Policies and activities to respect our stakeholders and establish good relationships with them are stipulated in our Charter of Conduct and compliance regulations.
And, based on our Corporate Philosophy, our Corporate Message and the commitment to “Safety, Compliance and Quality” written in our Charter of conduct, our company outlined our initiative to collaborate with stakeholders in our “Long-Term Vision,” which visualizes the position our group wishes to achieve in 2037--our 100-year anniversary. We clearly state that we will achieve business growth by working together with all stakeholders including “customers and the general public,” “shareholders” and “employees.”
Implementation of Environmental Protection Activities, CSR Activities, etc. Our company practices environmental management, establishing in the "Nippon Express Group Environmental Charter" a basic philosophy of the Nippon Express Group that the Group actively contributes to the environmental conservation by being aware of its social and public mission as a corporate as well as through practicing environmental management as a "good corporate citizen."
In fiscal 2017, we formulated two long-term targets, to "reduce CO2 emissions by 30% from the 2013 level by fiscal 2030" and to "reduce industrial waste per unit of sales by 1% annually through fiscal 2030."
We will engage in various initiatives, such as a "modal shift" from truck-dependent transport system to rail and sea transport system and the systematical introduction of eco-friendly facilities and vehicles. By achieving these long-term targets, we will actively contribute to the realization of sustainable societies.

In addition, our company has established systems to promote compliance management by establishing the CSR Headquarters and compliance committee to promote sensible business activities.

We publish the "Nippon Express Group CSR Report" in order to report the Nippon Express Group's policies and activities concerning CSR to the stakeholders in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

The website of Nippon Express Group CSR Report (Environmental and Social Reports)

Establishment of Policy on Providing Information to Stakeholders Our Company has established a disclosure policy on its approach to timely and appropriate disclosure of fair and highly transparent information, and discloses information accordingly.

The disclosure policy is disclosed on our website.
(URL of the Global Site)

Other 【Initiatives for Safety and Health】
Ensuring safety and health in the working environment allow our group employees to work in confidence. Also, traffic safety and work safety are social responsibilities we must enforce when we operate logistics business. These are also the sources of the strength of our company’s service. Therefore, we place great importance upon these.

<Nippon Express Group Safety Philosophy>
“Safety takes precedence over everything else”
Ensuring safety is the foundation of management and is a corporate social responsibility.

<Nippon Express Group Health Philosophy>
“Fill workplace with health and smiles”
Health is the wish of everyone and provides vitality for the company and its employees to continue to grow.

And in order to enhance the safety awareness of our entire group, our company established a “Commitment to Safety” to express our determination toward the prevention of accidents and disasters.

In particular, our company updates the “Safety and Health Management Policy” annually and works toward each health and safety goal. We also make sure that all employees know about safety and health via the “Nippon Express Safety and Health Management System (NSM).” We take various approaches including trainings about work safety, on-site instruction and training, the establishment of a mental health support system and by providing physical health maintenance support and education via e-learning.

Information regarding our safety and health initiatives is available in our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports and on our website.

Nippon Express Group CSR Report (Environmental and Social Reports) Website:
(Our global website)

Our website regarding “Transportation Safety Management”:

【Initiatives for Promoting Diversity】
In order to promote diversity, our company declared our goals to each employee, the necessity and the determination to promote it strongly throughout our company. Members of our senior management, including the President and branch managers, have established their commitment to diversity.
The goal of our company’s diversity promotion is to create a company where each employee can feel that our company provides a great place to work by achieving “growth as a genuine global logistics company” and “employee self-realization.”
Our company has established a diversity promotion master plan. By steadily repeating a cycle of four reforms in awareness, workplace climate, working styles and behaviors, we strive to achieve these reforms in conjunction with innovation in work styles, which is listed in our management plan.

In addition, in order to increase women’s opportunities to become actively involved, our company proactively provides information regarding women’s working conditions at the time of hiring and strives to increase the number of female employees. *We also provide seminars and trainings on topics specifically designed for women, i.e. for those who are raising children, to help them develop greater career motivation.
In particular, at seminars targeting female employees in rural areas where the percentage of women employees is relatively small, our company is implementing active projects including sending a female officer to promote dialogue and networking.

Average percentage of female employees hired over the last three years: 43.9%

An overview of our initiatives for promoting diversity is published in our company’s CSR Report.
Our CSR Reports are available on our websites:
(Our global website)

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