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Air Shipments

Time and security

Shipments of high value cargo, perishables, samples, spare parts needed not to stop production chains, have two common features: urgency and security.
Pallet building entirely at our warehouses and direct delivery to the air carrier, together with rigidly applied security measures, ensure very high performance standards. The global direct presence with own offices allows to maintain our standards unchanged both in import and export from any location in the world.

Main services

  • Direct, express and door to door shipments to the whole world
  • Daily consolidations to and from Japan
  • All-in jetpak service for shipments up to 40 Kgs (chargeable weight)
  • Dedicated services for perishables, dangerous goods and temperature controlled goods
  • Special services for high value shipments and fine arts
  • Pallet building entirely at our warehouses
  • On-line Track and tracing

We are specialized in the handling and air shipment of hanged garments

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