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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

When operating on a complex market, it is vital to shift logistics flaws such as supply, production and distribution on a global perspective in order to optimize processes and increase competitiveness. Real-time availability of stock data referred to a satellite warehouses system is nowadays a vital need.

NIPPON EXPRESS puts at your disposal a 130 years' international experience to tailor solutions that integrate shipments, logistics, supply chain and distribution.

The REWARDS warehouse management system, through the network that connects all NIPPON EXPRESS offices in the world, offers the possibility to monitor flaws and stocks of all company’s warehouses through a unique on-line interface directly from the customer's pc.

  • Wares management through radio-frequency
  • Customization of stock areas
  • Hanged garments area, refrigerated area and safety area
  • Low rotation wares areas available
  • Quality control, labelling, sorting, picking, kitting and packing
  • Type E bonded warehouse
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