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Euro Fashion – Clothing, hanged garments and accessories

Euro Fashion is a particular service specifically developed for air transportation of garments including hanged ones. A long mutual cooperation with important fashonbrands allowed us to debug ad hoc solutions which take into account the most widespread issues tied to this particular goods. The service has been developed on the basis of some basic principles:

Reduce voume to reduce cost

Saving on air freight helps reducing incidence on final price of each single garment.
Our system allows to optimize the space inside the container by increasing its storage capcity in terms of number of garments. The result is: same volume but a larger number of garments are transported that is a reduction of the cost for each single transported garment.

Security is a must

Clothing is one of the most frequently stolen articles during transportation; often stolen garments are those with the highest value. Added to this, damages to the garments due to external factors such as bad weather might lead to delays selling campaigns with the non neglectable risk to compromise relevant commercial relationships. Based on these premises we developed a range of solutions aiming at providing the highest possible security level during the whole supply chain.

Ready for the windows

Moving garments by hanging them means, among the other things, speeding up the way to the shops. Being hanged, garments are easy to identify and can be easily diverted to the selling points. However the most important point is that they will need no ironing thus helping once again to reduce costs.

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