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DIY Packing Services:Nippon Express
DIY Packing Services:Nippon Express

If you only have a few items to move, our Self-Packing Service is the most cost-effective option for door-to-door sea freight service. The basic rates cover the first five cardboard shipping boxes, with shipping of extra boxes available at additional cost.


*DIY: Do it yourself

Special Features

  • Self-packing saves on costs.
  • Goods are collected from your residence in Japan and delivered to their destination by Nippon Express; this service includes customs clearance at both ends (and door-to-door service).

Moving Process

  • Please make sure that your items conform to customs regulations.
  • Special carton boxes for overseas moves are included in the cost. Please make sure that you pack all items yourself and mark (e.g., your name, destination, and serial box number) each box carefully.
  • We help to prepare all necessary customs paperwork.
  • When all related matters have been considered, we will send you an invoice for the required amount.
  • As soon as payment is made, we will arrange export customs clearance.
  • We will transport your goods by sea to the destination port.
  • A Nippon Express office in the destination country will inform you of the arrival of your goods.
  • We will confirm the delivery address and provide customs paperwork, if necessary.
  • A Nippon Express subsidiary will complete the customs-clearance procedures.
  • We will deliver the goods to your new residence.

Packing Materilals

Basic information of Nippon Express' carton boxes;

  Small Medium Large
Dimensions 52 x 26 x 40cm 52 x 51 x 40cm 80 x 51 x 26cm
Packing Materilals
Volume 2 cu.ft. 4 cu.ft. 4 cu.ft.
Chargeable weight* 9kgs 18kgs 18kgs
Usage Books, records, food, compact discs, etc.
Tableware, clothing,
Jackets, suits, dresses,
kimonos, coats, etc.


According to the rules set by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), chargeable weight is used when calculating airfreight charges.
The gross weight of the shipment is determined with a scale and the volume weight calculated using the following formula:
(Length x Width x Height) cm3 ÷ 6,000
The chargeable weight is the higher of the two values.


If you pack your household effects by yourself, refer to the following guidelines.

A) Packing Clothing, Books, and Small Items

  • In a box, put heavier items toward the bottom and lighter items toward the top.
  • Pack heavier items in smaller cardboard boxes and lighter items, regardless of size, in larger boxes.
  • Each cardboard box must weigh no more than 30kg.s (66lb.s).
  • For each cardboard box, the total scale of 3 dimensions (Length + Width + Height) must not be more than 170cm.
  • Fill in any open space inside the boxes with a cushioning material.
  • A trunk or suitcase may be used instead of a cardboard box.

B) Packing Fragile Items

  • Be sure to wrap individual items with plenty of soft paper or air bubble sheets.
  • Put soft filling inside both the top and bottom of the box to cushion against shock.
  • Do not leave any open space inside the box. If a set of tableware has a special case, use it and place it inside a cardboard box.
  • After packing, write “FRAGILE” in red, or put a “FRAGILE” label on the outside of the box, so that we will know that the contents need special care.

C) Labeling Each Box

  • Each packed box, trunk, suitcase, or other container needs your name, the name of the city to which it is being sent, and a package number. In your presence, we will number the packages separately from “1” through the total number of packages you have.

Packing List

The packing list is a legal document used to facilitate customs of import and export items, and is also necessary for marine cargo insurance. When packing, please list all items by box, and write the amount to be insured.

The packing list will be used as a reference when calculating the total amount of customs duty due upon your arrival at your destination. Generally speaking, however, the final duty will be determined by customs’ own standards.

The Day of The Move

  • When Nippon Express staff arrive, please explain the baggage, which you have packed yourself, and, after confirming the number of boxes, they will take away the boxes.
  • Please do not hand the related documents to the staff, but following the instructions of the person in charge, please send them separately through the mail. The staff will accept only items for transport.
  • Please confirm whether or not you forgot to pack certain items and look around your home again before the moving staff arrive.