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Other Service:Nippon Express
Other Service:Nippon Express

Domestic Moving

If you are relocating within Japan or wish to leave items with friends or acquaintances, simply call the Nippon Express removals office and we will be pleased to assist.


Excellent storage facilities are available for goods you do not wish to ship overseas. In Japan, your goods can be safely stored in trunk rooms that are air conditioned and offer full control of temperature and humidity.

Cars and Motorcycles

We offer comprehensive service for people who are considering shipping their vehicle(s) overseas. Our services include investigating and advising on required paperwork and any required vehicle modifications, as well as the tax and duty percentages for importing your car. Nippon Express works in conjunction with specialists for the pickup of your car, and can arrange for deregistration of your vehicle in Japan.


Nippon Express can arrange for the delivery of your piano anywhere in Japan, and, indeed, anywhere in the world. We work in tandem with piano removal specialists to ensure the highest-quality care, and can also arrange for tuning services upon request.