To the next level in global logistics Vol.3

July 28,2022

― Not just moving things
Although global logistics is an increasingly crowded and competitive market, the company believes it has the competencies which give it an edge over competitors and help its clients build supply chains of the future.
"Our core strength lies in ensuring quality control in storage and delivery by knowing the unique features of our clients' cargo, inside and out. It stems from a culture of relentlessly supporting our clients with tailored business solutions, rather than simply seeing logistics as just moving things," says Uchida.
Combined with this mindset are the Group's planet-spanning physical assets. The forwarder offers clients a wide choice of carriers (shipping companies and airlines) and routes combining multi-modal transport which can ensure seamless and flexible shipments across borders.
Equally important is the company's dominant position in terms of infrastructure, personnel and buying power for logistics services in Asia, one of the most critical battlegrounds for forwarders, explains Uchida.
With the mainstreaming of ESG, the Group is further committed to lowering the ecological footprint of its logistics services. This includes promoting the use of energy-efficient transport modes, including EVs and rail, as well as partnering with airlines to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels. A recent unique solution from the Nippon Express Group is a last-mile delivery service using a hydrogen-engine-powered boat in Venice, Italy, a city particularly sensitive to global warming. Earlier this year, the Group tripled its carbon dioxide emission reduction target for 2023 to some 30 per cent lower than 2013.
jul2022-03-1.jpg Nippon Express offers a last-mile delivery service using a hydrogen-powered boat in Venice for greener logistics.

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