Nippon Express partners with Intel® and Honeywell to develop IoT-based "Global Cargo Watcher Advance" service for visualizing transport status

February 25, 2019

-- Three-way cooperation aimed at promoting IoT use in the logistics industry and providing high value-added logistics services --

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), in cooperation with Intel Corporation (Kunimasa Suzuki, President; hereinafter, "Intel") and Honeywell Japan Ltd. (Hiroshi Nishimaki, President; hereinafter, "Honeywell"), has developed a new "Global Cargo Watcher Advance" service that utilizes the latest IoT technology to visualize the transport status of pharmaceuticals, precision machinery and other goods requiring strict quality control during shipment, and will begin sales of this service on February 25.

[Overview of service]
"NEX-SOLUTION Global Cargo Watcher Advance" (hereinafter, "GCWA") is a service enabling both customers and Nippon Express to ascertain the transport status of cargo in real-time(*1) by using sensor tags affixed to cargo to measure temperature, humidity, vibration, tilt, illuminance, location and other conditions (*2) and updating this data on the cloud via reader gateways installed in trucks and warehouses.

Able to determine the location of their cargo and view various measurements in graph form on a dedicated website, customers will be saved the time and trouble needed to collect and analyze data, making logistics less labor-intensive and more efficient.


1 Measurement data cannot be uploaded while cargo is onboard aircraft, in areas outside 3G communication coverage, or in other locations where communications between readers and sensors are disrupted. Once communications are restored, the measurement data collected during the communications blackout period are uploaded and the website information updated.

2 The position data will be that for the gateway communicating with the sensors.

With Intel creating proprietary technology, Honeywell developing devices and systems that utilize sensor tags, gateways and a dedicated website, and Nippon Express offering GCWA to customers as a logistics service, GCWA represents a significant integration of IoT into logistics operations.


(Cooperative framework)

[Background to development]
This service was developed to meet the needs of customers requiring guaranteed transport quality for shipping pharmaceuticals that in recent years have come to require increasingly strict temperature control, precision machinery vulnerable to even slight impact shocks, and high-value consumer devices demanding an upgraded level of security.

[Promoting greater use of IoT in logistics]
Intel, Honeywell, and Nippon Express have agreed to cooperate in promoting greater use of IoT in logistics for the purposes of improving customer convenience, boosting productivity and helping alleviate the labor shortages that plague the logistics industry, and the three companies recently concluded a memorandum on working together to grow and develop the technologies and services they each provide.

Under this framework, the accumulated transport information will be utilized as Big Data via AI/machine learning to enhance GCWA's functions.

Nippon Express in collaboration with Intel and Honeywell will be leading the way toward greater use of IoT in logistics in Japan and around the world.

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