Sea and Rail Moscow -Adding a third transport mode to air and marine transport-

This service, leveraging both ocean and rail freight, examplifies the Nippon Express difference. Freight is transported from ports in Japan to Vladivostok by ship, and then from Vladivostok to Moscow aboard the Siberian Express. We can also deliver the freight to any specified location within Europe once it arrives in Moscow.

Shorter Lead Times
Compared to transporting freight from Japan to Moscow by ship only, this reduces the time required by up to 1 month.
Freight can be shipped from any regional port in Japan. Shipping freight from the nearest port helps reduce transferal costs within Japan and cuts down on the amount of time required.
Our branches within Japan and the branches operated by the Nippon Express Group in Vladivostok, Moscow and all nations in Europe will take good care of your freight. The Nippon Express Group offers door-to-door transportation services.
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