China-Europe cross-border rail transport (Eurasia Train Direct)

Service Name
Eurasia Train Direct(China-Europe cross-border rail transport)
Delivery Areas
All of Europe
Delivery Distance
Approximately 10,000km
Lead Time

Eurasia Train Direct is a service that provides transport between Asia and Europe using the China Railway Express.
Nippon Express has developed this cross-border rail transport service between China and Europe as a product offering a “third mode of transport” positioned between air transport and marine transport, and is using this product to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated logistics needs of customers.
In order to respond to market needs related to rail transport, the company has concluded a BSA with a Xi'an railway operator enabling the provision of regularly-scheduled transport services, with the aim of reliably securing spaces and boosting transport frequencies. Furthermore, Nippon Express has developed a consolidated transport service to meet the needs of customers wishing to send small-lot cargo quickly and cheaply from the Shanghai area, where there is a concentration of demand regarding cargo bound for Europe.

Securing of spaces flexibly, inexpensively, and in bulk
This has been realized based on the conclusion of a block space agreement (hereinafter “BSA”) with a Xi'an railway operator.
Regularly-scheduled transport services
Cargo items are collected from various locations in China, and then sent out from Xi'an three times each week (on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) to Małaszewicze in Poland and Hamburg and Duisburg in Germany.
Significantly reduced lead time
Making use of regularly-scheduled transport services, a consolidated transport service is provided in which there is one delivery per week (departing every Friday) from the in-house CFS in Shanghai to the in-house CFS in Dusseldorf, and there is integrated management of departures and arrivals at Nippon Express. The lead time between CFSs is 11 to 16 days, and this represents a significant reduction compared to the lead time required for conventional marine transport (about 40 days).
Ability to use container reservation (FCL) services and consolidated transportation (LCL) services in accordance with cargo volumes


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