Shanghai-Singapore cross-border transport (SS7000)

Service Name
SS7000(Shanghai-Singapore cross-border transport)
Delivery Areas
Shanghai and Singapore, winding through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Lead Time
Depends on transport segment(s) and transport mode(s)

Nippon Express's SS7000 comprises an overland truck transport system linking the approximately 7,000 kilometers between Shanghai and Singapore, as it winds through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. This major transport artery serves as a base, allowing us to expand our network to tie in the expansive Mekong inland economic zone while helping our customers optimize their supply chains.

SS7000 Transport Route Overview

With the establishment of the SS7000 overland truck transport route, linking the approximately 7,000 kilometers between Shanghai and Singapore, Nippon Express now offers regularly scheduled consolidated services. SS7000 is comprised of four main trunks , accommodating combined or partial trunk use to meet the particular needs of every customer.

Shanghai-Guangzhou (China domestic route) Linking China's Two Largest Economies - Eastern and Southern China
This overland transport route stretches some 2,000 kilometers between Shanghai and Guangzhou; we utilize charter, consolidated and other transport methods to meet all our customers' needs.
Shenzhen/Guangzhou-Hanoi (Star Night Express) Shenzhen–Hanoi (approx. 1,500km) in just 2 days
Nippon Express border staff provides responsible support, even completing the complicated inland cross-border procedures, ensuring safe and reliable transport of your cargo to its final destination.
Hanoi-Bangkok (Mekong Land Bridge Express) New Service Replaces Marine & Air Transport
Reliable cargo transport utilizing the East-West Corridor to deliver cargo faster than marine transport and in higher volume than air freight.
Bangkok-Singapore (Oriental Land Bridge Express) A network extending the length of the Malay Peninsula (2000km) while connecting major cities in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
With results of more than 10,000 trips annually, we are able to set up various transport routes to meet the special needs of our customers.
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