Canada-US-Mexico cross-border transport (XB3300)

Service Name
XB3000(Cross-Border 3300)
Delivery Areas
Canada (South) – US (Midwest and South) – Mexico (Central Plateau)
Delivery Distance
Approximately 3,300km
Lead Time
Depends on transport segment(s) and transport mode(s)

XB3300 offers dynamic truck transport services between Canada, the US and Mexico. Expanded production by finished vehicle manufacturers in Mexico and a rapid increase in automobile parts manufacturers setting up local operations there have intensified the transport of automobile-related cargo between Canada, the US and Mexico. XB3300 is a truck transport service stretching 3,300km between Canada (South), the US (Midwest and South) and Mexico (Central Plateau) that connects automotive industrial clusters as part of the "NEWLINKS" truck transport services launched by NX Group U.S.A. in 2010.


  • Competitive fares through collaboration with multiple trucking companies
  • Comprehensive management of trucking companies and transport-related administrative tasks
  • Simplified estimates, shipping arrangements, and cargo tracing through the use of a web portal
  • Reliable and prompt selection of transport companies and completion of transport arrangements by in-house organizations specializing in trucking
  • One-stop provision of truck transport and cross-border customs clearance
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