Ground Freight

International ground freight services optimized
for your supply chain.

In its position as the No.1 logistics company in Asia, NX Group is capable of transporting freight anywhere throughout the European, African, American, Asian and Australian continents in alignment with customer requirements.
Our highly-skilled experts stationed in branches throughout the world are on stand-by to cater to any freight-related requirements you may have.

Main Advantages of Ground Freight

Network Services Covering the Entire Globe

NX Group has expanded its business affairs to cover branches in countries/regions throughout the world.
Our well-experienced and knowledgeable experts stationed in each branch take care of and transport our customers' freight.
We have established a service network covering all types of freight in accordance with conditions prevalent in each nation, and we are consequently fully equipped to cater to all freight-related requirements, including freight transportation within America, Europe and Asia.
NX Group is also able to create optimal transportation solutions that take lead time and cost into account by combining the ocean freight, air freight, rail freight and other transportation modes that we provide.

High-Quality Transportation

NX Group has been providing transportation services since 1937 in Japan and since 1958 in other nations. We can therefore guarantee customers high-quality transportation services based on the experience and know-how that we have built up.
NX Group utilizes its freight tracing system, which pin-points the location of the cargo, and various GPS systems, etc., which monitor the transportation status of freight, to provide high-quality transportation services to any destination in the world.

Vehicles and Cargo Handling That Cater to Customer Requirements

- We have a full line-up of vehicles, including trucks equipped with standard fittings, to cater to all requirements.
- We provide transportation services that match up with the type of freight being shipped, such as frozen and refrigerated services for freight that requires temperature control, and services that included special care when transporting valuable articles, precision instruments and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Our ground freight service includes

  • Transportation
  • Crosss Border
  • Ground Transporatation
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