Railway Freight

Flexible, easily workable railway freight for lower costs,
shorter lead times.

Nippon Express provides a transportation service that uses railways. We have formed partnerships with reliable railway service providers both in Japan and in various overseas nations to cater to every detail of customer requirements.
We are also able to provide services in combination with ocean freight, air freight, ground freight and other transportation modes in our role of global logistics provider.

Advantages of Railway Freight

The advantages of railway transportation include the facts that it is less expensive than air transportation and faster than ocean transportation.

High Levels of Punctuality and Security

The railway freight services provided by Nippon Express have high levels of punctuality, and the levels of security. We provide means that you can entrust your freight to us with peace of mind.


This method of transportation is attracting attention for reducing the burden on the environment owing to it being expected to emit less carbon dioxide.

Our railway freight service includes

  • Environmental Conservation
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