Fine Arts Transport

Irreplaceable cultural treasures : linking past to future.

In addition to providing the public with moving experiences, the transportation of cultural properties and artworks for exhibitions is also an extremely significant part of the services we provide to ensure a widespread understanding of the world's cultures. Nippon Express utilizes the experience and techniques that we have built up over the course of half a century to safely and faithfully transport the items that need to be shared with the whole world.

Features of Nippon Express Fine Arts Transport

Transporting a Wide Range of Cultural Properties and the World's Greatest Treasures

Having been given the opportunity to move cultural properties where they have never been moved, Nippon Express has transported a wide variety of cultural properties and artworks belonging to Japan and overseas nations, such as National Treasures, and the greatest treasures from the world's leading museums and galleries, including Cambodian cultural heritage items, the Apollo command module, and artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Constantly Enhancing our Packaging and Transportation Technologies

Transporting Japanese cultural properties, including National Treasures, and the world's greatest treasures over the course of many years has enabled us to accumulate a wide range of knowledge and experience in handling and arranging the international transportation of such articles. We are also well-versed in the techniques pioneered by previous generations of Nippon Express employees, as well as using the most recent materials and equipment, and transportation techniques.

Our Keyword is "Quality"

Artworks are extremely valuable and irreplaceable items. In addition to traditional handling techniques, our internal training programs also include basic training, practical application training and instructor training, all of which are implemented in stages and involve the mindset required for handling such articles, to ensure our high-quality services.

Organizing Safe Transportation in Conjunction with Other Departments and Overseas Agencies

The artworks we handle are varied in kind, from small handcrafted items through to large and priceless artifacts, and the need for transporting such items on an international scale is becoming more and more apparent. We provide these diversified needs by maintaining firm links with air freight and ocean freight departments, as well as heavy haulage departments and overseas agencies, to ensure safe transportation.

Our Fine Arts Transport service includes

  • Services covering archeological artifacts and ancient artworks through to contemporary artworks
  • Production of museum-quality crates for export, and packaging services
  • Installation and de-installation of exhibits.
  • Storage at temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses equipped with customs bonding functions
  • Transportation in special vehicles equipped with air suspension and air-conditioners
  • Arrangement of comprehensive exhibition insurance (nail to nail and all risks basis)
  • International transportation, collaboration with overseas specialists, including ARTIM members


In addition to our main branches in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto, we have also created a network involving all major cities in Japan staffed by specialists in handling artwork and equipped with vehicles especially designed for transporting artwork.
We also provide solutions for diversified transportation requirements from our customers by offering international transportation services in conjunction with overseas agencies, including ARTIM members.
We employ an ever fuller complement of qualified personnel provided by certified external institutions, including especially skilled arthandlers (certified by the Japan Association of Museums) and cultural properties IPM (Integrated Pest Management) coordinators registered by the Research Institute for Insect and Bacterial Damage to Cultural Property.

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