Warehouse & Distribution

Our warehouses, your supply chain.

We own warehousing space consisting of approximately 2.95-million square meters in Japan and approximately 2.4-million square meters overseas
Our Distribution Centers cater to a diverse range of strategic needs in warehousing, distribution and international hubs.

Logistics Center Global Network

Nippon Express has a world-class warehouse area and network.

Strategic Logistics

Global Logistics

  • We provide you with one-stop logistics services from procurement to sales. Our warehouses control your whole supply chain as your partner.
  • We control management even over a complex worldwide supply chain with our strong network of branches in countries/regions.


We provide high-grade 3PL services as an integrated logistics company. We have an abundance of assets and know-how from long time experience

Tailor-Made and Value-Added Services

  • We provide value-added services for a wide range of distribution processes, including inspections, packing and attaching price labels
  • We control management of all warehousing information on a global scale with the use of IT solutions


Tainan Warehouse
Nippon Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. , this past February became the first Japanese logistics company to obtain bonded certification for its own operational warehouse in Tainan City in southern Taiwan, and on July 11 it established a new air-conditioned space to meet growing demand for semiconductors.
Huntsville Logistics Center 2
The new warehouse primarily sorts automobile parts delivered from Japan and Mexico and provides them to more than 30 suppliers. It also plans to store the products of component manufacturers, trading companies and other customers for subsequent provision to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.
Genk Logistics Centre
With Europe's e-commerce market growing alongside the spread of COVID-19 infections, momentum is building behind moves to relocate, consolidate, and expand distribution centers, especially for apparel industry customers.
Nippon Express (Belgium) N.V./S.A. has established its fourth business location in Belgium - the Genk Logistics Centre - in Genk Green Logistics Park situated in the east of the country, and the Centre opened for business on April 25.

Our Warehouse & Distribution service includes

  • Cross Dock
  • Hub
  • PO / SO Management
  • Inventory Management, Visibility, Tracing and Planning
  • Labeling and Sorting
  • Inventory
  • Testing / Quality Control
  • Kitting
  • Non-Resident Stock
  • VMI
  • JIT Deliveries
  • Cash-Flow Improvement
  • Control Tower
  • Picking
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • SCM
  • 3PL
  • Fulfillment Logistics
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • VAS
  • Value Added Service
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