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Shopify's WMS Talk ~ Issues and Solutions ~

What are the problems that people always have with WMS?
Cost of building it?
Shopify integration?
Poor inventory visibility?
Limited features?

If you've opened a Shopify store and found that managing your own inventory is too complicated, you may have already tried to solve the problem in one of these ways.

Create an EXCEL spreadsheet etc. to manage the inventory

Build your own system by hiring software engineers, etc.

Buy a WMS from the market

Can we make our own WMS?

However, there are situations where these efforts do not lead to a fundamental solution to the problem in the case of Shopify stores.

In this article, we'll discuss what common issues exist in Shopify store warehouse management and how we can help you.

It takes time and cost to build your own WMS

Issue 1: Developing an In-House WMS Requires Time and Money

If your Shopify store's sales are small, you may be able to manage them with a simple spreadsheet using Excel or Access.

However, as sales gradually increase and the number of items handled increases, inventory management and shipping tasks become complicated without some sort of system.
At such a stage, developing a simple inventory management system may be an option, but outsourcing the development will require a certain amount of time and cost before implementation.
In addition, in-house development may be difficult for the person in charge to allocate time to.

"DCX WMS" solves that problem.

If your online shopping site is a store built with Shopify, you can easily implement DCX WMS.

The DCX WMS is a WMS that can be used immediately after downloading it from the Shopify app store and making initial settings, without the need for cumbersome application procedures. In addition, it can be used for as little as a 39usd per month.

You can get started with little time and expense because it is a cloud-based WMS.

Unable to connect your WMS to Shopify is a big problem

Issue 2: Existing Warehouse Management System Cannot Integrate with Shopify

In the case of a homegrown WMS, or any WMS that wasn't designed to connect to Shopify when it was built, there are high barriers to connecting data to Shopify.

If your WMS is not connected to Shopify, when an order is placed in the Shopify store, the order is not automatically imported into the WMS and the inventory in the warehouse is not reflected in Shopify.

As a result, there is the potential for shipping errors and omissions due to manual processes such as CSV input/output and manual registration. In addition, it becomes difficult to accurately track inventory levels.

"DCX WMS" solves that problem.

Nippon Express' DCX WMS is a warehouse management system that can automatically link data with Shopify.

There is a pre-built mechanism for exchanging information between your Shopify store and DCX, so there are no human costs involved in exchanging data.
As a result, orders received in your Shopify store can be confirmed in real time on the DCX’s screen, and inventory registered in DCX’s system can be instantly reflected in your Shopify store.

You need to know the warehouse shipment progress

Issue 3: Poor Inventory Visibility in the Warehouse Management System

To grow your business, visibility is one of the essential elements.

It is necessary to adjust the advertising budget, allocate warehouse staff, and plan purchases while keeping track of inventory levels and the number of shipments for the number of orders that have occurred in a given period.

Understanding these numbers takes time and effort and building a system to get them in real time is not easy.

"DCX WMS" solves that problem.

"DCX WMS" is provided as a simple cloud-type WMS based on the know-how of the inventory management system we have been operating.

Therefore, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can view a list of information necessary for logistics, such as inventory quantity and order fulfillment progress.

In addition to computers, you can use your smartphone or tablet to check the shipping status of your own warehouse and inventory shortages in real time, anytime, anywhere.

Individual skills required for system development and maintenance

Issue 4: Individual Skills Required for System Development and Maintenance

When it comes to inventory management with EXCEL management or simple system development, there are many cases where we tend to rely only on a specific in-house person in charge.

So, if the person in charge retires or is transferred, there is no one else who knows how to run or fix the system. The system itself may stop working after days.

Is your organization prepared for such risks? Do you rely on a single "EXCEL or system expert" to run the system?

"DCX WMS" solves that problem.

DCX is a standardized, cloud-based WMS that can be used anywhere in the world via the Internet.
And because the system is managed by Nippon Express, there's no need to worry about the retirement or transfer of the person in charge.

In addition, Shopify changes the specifications of the integration API on a quarterly basis. DCX supports these specification changes at no cost to you, so you can continue to use it with peace of mind.

WMS with limited functionality and scalability

Issue 5: WMS With Limited Functionality and Scalability

Due to the limited financial and human resources that can be invested in a homegrown WMS, the following system issues may arise as the business grows.


As the number of products increases, the system tends to freeze.

As the number of orders increases by the dozens, processing becomes extremely slow.

As your business grows, you need new functions.

"DCX WMS" solves that problem.

DCX uses a highly scalable server, so it can operate smoothly even when the number of product masters reaches tens of thousands and the number of monthly orders exceeds 10,000.

In addition, depending on the size and growth of your business, you can take advantage of various additional features for each plan. In addition, the system is continuously improved and new features are added, so you can always use it in a fresh state.

Shopify integrated cloud-based DCX WMS

DCX WMS - Shopify Integrated Cloud-Based WMS

If you're running a Shopify store, the DCX WMS makes it easy to manage your inventory in-house, even if you've significantly increased the number of products and inventory or expanded the number of locations.

Our system also allows you to set rules such as first-in, first-out, easily customize delivery slips, and manage expiration dates to provide buyers with highly accurate logistics services.

The DCX app can be downloaded from the Shopify App store.

We have a 5-day free trial period for the basic plan. Try it now!

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