CO2 Calculation Tool
(NX-GREEN Calculator)

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The ideal tool for

  • calculating CO2 emissions for your collection & deliveries

  • choosing the method with the lowest emissions

  • comparing various modes of transportation, including sea, air, rail and road deliveries

Simply enter the origin, destination and freight volume to calculate the CO2 emissions generated
based on your delivery specifications.
Like many industries, there is a call to reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation industry.
Nippon Express has provided a tool to help you calculate the emissions generated by your deliveries.

CO2 calculation system NX-GREEN Calculator

What you can do with the NX-GREEN Calculator

  • Select almost any city, port, airport or railway station in the world as the origin and destination
  • Compare the CO2 emissions generated by multiple modes of transportation
  • Specify stopovers (up to five) and set different modes of transportation for a more detailed simulation of the CO2 emissions that will be generated

You can contact us using our online inquiry system if you wish to calculate CO2 emissions based on a large volume of data (past history, etc.) or specific requirements.

CO2 calculation system NX-GREEN Calculator

How to use the NX-GREEN Calculator (Ver.1)

  • 1) Search for the modes of transportation suited to the conditions of your collection & delivery. Results are displayed based on the comparison settings you entered.
  • 2) You can deselect to narrow transportation options.
  • 3) You can use the "VIA" button to specify stopovers in transit.
    • Select one preferred mode for each leg of the journey.
    • You can add up to five stopovers.
  • 4) The tool will calculate the CO2 emissions that will be generated while transporting your freight under the conditions you have specified.
    • The total delivery distance and CO2 emissions for each mode of transportation you have selected are listed for comparison at the top of the screen.
    • Select the mode of transportation tabs at the bottom of the screen to view the CO2 emissions for each detailed route.
  • CO2 emissions are calculated using information provided by EcotransIT World. This information may differ from actual Nippon Express routes.
CO2 calculation system NX-GREEN Calculator
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