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The price of diesel fuel is a large factor in the cost of pick up and delivery service, and fuel price has been constantly increasing at rather abnormal rate. When fuel price goes up, we apply Fuel Surcharge that is calculated as percentage of pick up and delivery fees and that percentage is determined based on Fuel Cost in the market as shown in the chart listed below. When Fuel price goes down hopefully in the near future, we will likewise adjust the percentage used to calculate the amount of Fuel Surcharge based on that chart.

We update the percentage to be applied through the end of each month on the very first day of each month using the Fuel Index of Monday in 3rd week of previous month. The fuel index, published by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy, is available through their web site at Energy Information Administrationopen new window

Pick Up & Delivery Service as part of International Air Freight Forwarding

2024 Applicable Fuel Surcharges

2020 – 2023 Applicable Fuel Surcharges

Land Freight Fuel Surcharge

The Land Freight Fuel Surcharge is calculated by using the US Department of Energy’s average diesel fuel prices (  The surcharge goes into effect on the Tuesday following the diesel fuel price released every Monday.  The FSC will remain in effect through the following Monday.

Ocean Rate Structure Pricing Notes

Nippon Express Group Ocean Cargo Division passes on surcharges imposed by carriers and port authorities. As required by these conditions, and in compliance with FMC regulations, Nippon Express USA Ocean Cargo Division publishes the corresponding rate adjustments in its applicable tariffs.

*All fuel surcharge percentages and thresholds are subject to change without prior notice.

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