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Nippon Express provides the warehousing and distribution network, the best-in-class systems, and the highly motivated personnel to meet the most demanding customer service requirements.

Nippon Express warehouse facilities in North America are strategically located near all major population centers and manufacturing locations. Most are easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation.

Nippon Express warehousing and distribution operations encompass the following capabilities:

Comprehensive Distribution Services

Nippon Express helps clients design strategic distribution networks from among its warehouses to improved service levels and minimize costs. Nippon Express examines the client’s order patterns, inventory needs, transportation flows and overall requirements to build a customized solution that dynamically responds to changing needs. Nippon Express has the network and logistics experience to strike the proper balance with regard to the number and location of distribution centers (DCs) to meet the client’s unique cost and service requirements.

Distribution Centers

Nippon Express’ North American distribution center (DC) network consists of more than 50 warehouses with a total of approximately 5.5 million square feet of operating space. No matter how simple or complex your storage, fulfillment, and logistics needs, Nippon Express can configure the a more cost-effective distribution network from among these facilities.

Inventory Control and Fulfillment

Nippon Express brings stability and quality to inventory control and order fulfillment. For most companies, order fulfillment is the most important single function, because it determines the amount of revenue and the strength of customer relationships.

Systems & Equipment

Clients trust Nippon Express because it combines the best personnel with right technologies to help its customers meet their supply chain goals. Supply chain execution today depends on high-quality information systems that not only can perform key task such as order fulfillment and shipping, but that also can feed real-time data on orders, inventories, and shipments to other enterprise systems and even to other trading partners.

Nippon Express’s distribution network provides the following capabilities:

Warehouse Management System

Nippon Express has invested in a world-class warehouse management system (WMS) that provides clients with the most efficient handling of inventory and orders.

Radio Frequency Identification

Nippon Express USA DCs are equipped to handle radio frequency identification (RFID), which is being adopted by a growing number of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, government agencies, and retailers to gain more accurate product tracking, improved traceability, and increased labor productivity.

Special Distribution Service

Nippon Express provides a wide range of special services and capabilities to handle just about any type of product, handling requirement or customer base.

Perishable Goods

Nippon Express possesses a global network of companies to provides premier handling of “fresh,” “chilled,” and “frozen” perishable goods commodities to and from the United States

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For more information, contact warehousing@nipponexpress.com

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