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The Nippon Express moving service extends the power and quality of its global logistics network to the personal household relocation service. Ocean, air, and land services are integrated within the Nippon Express system to ensure the safe, rapid, and economical transportation of household goods.

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“The information contained on this web page is informational only and is meant to solely convey the scope of services which may be available from Nippon Express. This is not a solicitation of business. If you are interested in using the services of Nippon Express, please contact the NEU office nearest you which can be located (insert link to list of offices here) and inquire about the services performed and all licensing information for that company and that location.”

What makes us smarter exactly?

Accurate Estimates – No Hidden Charges

At Nippon Express, we use a revolutionary, volume-based estimating system, while conventional movers use a weight-based system, which often results in inaccurate estimates and subsequent up-charges. Nippon Express will give you a guaranteed, fixed-price from the start. No adjustments required. Hassle-free.

And the best part is that our rates are reasonably and competitively priced.

Nippon Express – a smarter way to move.

Smooth Global Customs Clearance

With Nippon Express, rest assured, your shipment won’t get held up at customs. We have dedicated customs clearance specialists that do nothing but ensure that your shipment clears customs smoothly and expeditiously.

Nippon Express has a vast global network consisting of 731 business bases in 311 cities, throughout 49 countries. No matter where you are moving to and from, whether you are shipping it via air or sea, you can rest assured your shipment will arrive safely to its destination.

Nippon Express – a smarter way to move.

White Glove, Expert Packing Service

You’re anxious. Many things can potentially go wrong. You have fragile and expensive things to move. No problem. Leave it to the moving pros. We will take care of all the details from start to finish – from careful packing to clearing customs to unpacking. We will even set the furniture for you, if you so desire.

Our courteous moving professionals are highly trained and extremely professional. They are all masters of Nippon Express’s Packing Manual. Our extensive manual contains detailed packing instructions on how to pack just about anything – from heavy furniture, to precision equipment, to delicate Faberge eggs.

Furthermore, we have developed custom packing materials & tools to prevent in-transit damage. Rest assured, your belongings are going to arrive safely – in one piece.

Nippon Express – a smarter way to move.

Environmentally Sustainable Moving

As many people are, we too are concerned about the environment. We care deeply and are committed to making a difference. At Nippon Express, we are always innovating – striving to reduce negative impact on our environment and to protect our precious natural resources.

Most movers, in the name of careful packing, end up using excessive amounts of packing material that usually end up in trash. At Nippon Express, we have been implementing a recycling program for decades. Most of the packaging materials, such as cardboard, get recycled and reused. And through the use of innovative, reusable containers, we have been able to reduce waste drastically. We want to protect your property AND the environment at the same time. Both are very important to us.

Choose a company that cares, so together, we may make a difference.

Nippon Express – a smarter way to move.

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