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In addition to Nippon Express Brazil and Mexico, we partner with an exceptionally strong agent network integrating 20 locations in Latin America and Caribbean region. Utilizing this network allows us to deliver efficient and effective transportation services, which include air, ocean, and road transport.

We also provide logistics service through the installed capabilities of full-service warehouses (inside foreign trade zones, bonded and domestic facilities) combined with other value-added services (customs procedures, control towers, in-plants, purchase order management, for example).

Air, Ocean and Truck shipments can be easily tracked and traced through Nippon Express website from a PC, smart phone or tablet at any time and from anywhere.

All services provide Nippon Express reliability, predictability, quality, security and cost efficiency. Established key Latin America fright transportation products include:

Southern Cross Liner Service  (Air-Air through Miami)

Miami Gateway Air Consolidation Service that connects the world to over 20 countries in Latin America:

Southern Cross Time Advantage (Air-Road-Air through Chicago and Miami)

Chicago (inbound gateway from Asia) combined with Miami (outbound air gateway consolidation service that connects the world to over 20 countries in Latin America).

We bring together the best of large airline capacity from Asian origins to Chicago and then utilize Miami as the best airport to access Latin America destinations!

Sky Basic Service  (Air through Miami Gateway)

Air export from all major cities in the USA & Europe to Latin America.

Ocean Service from USA to Latin America

Nippon Express remains one of the top global forwarders trusted by customers to move both full container and loose ocean freight to all ports in Latin America & Caribbean.

All of our Latin America agents also have special project teams also which can manage the carrier at arrival port and manage the truck or rail or barge carriers to the inland final destination.

Value Added Services

We also provide the value-added-services to ensure all the requirements are met to prevent any penalties and fines at final destinations in Latin American countries.

Further information please contact:
Ms. Rika Woodward
+1 786 507 7182
Mr. John Bernardi
+1 786 235 7257 – office

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