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Nippon Express’ Automotive logistics services address the unique challenges faced by today’s automotive industry, including complex demand chains, increasing competition, high-service/low-cost requirements.

Our in-plant logistics consulting and services are used by the industry’s automotive giants to keep their manufacturing processes operating like the well oiled machines they produce.

Nippon Express also has strategic partnerships and many years of experience with all aspects of the tire industry to provide ROI-driving solutions for services from warehouse and transportation services to a lead logistics provider relationship.


Healthcare manufacturers trust Nippon Express because they require the utmost logistics performance for rapid time-to-market demands without compromising accuracy. Medical devices, biotech products, and pharmaceutical products have unique storage and handling needs, and Nippon Express has decades of expertise in worldwide healthcare logistics and the strategic network assets globally to store and move healthcare goods and supplies in the most efficient manner.

The profitability of healthcare companies depends on efficient operations and Nippon Express helps clients realize increased profitability through lower overhead costs and access to new and emerging markets. Learn how Nippon Express can create competitive advantages for healthcare firms through services for:

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Nippon Express understands the challenges of the semiconductor supply chain. We support some of the most complex supply chains for major semiconductor companies, offering customized service with standard operation procedures to fit your needs.

Take advantage of our 744 locationsopen new window near you, your manufacturing plant or your customer to support your supply chain.

Nippon Express expertise in the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Devices:

Logistics Management for FAB, Assembly, and Test Products:

Spare Parts and Wafer Shipping:

Finished Products:

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